3 Common SEO Mistakes Avoid Urgently for Google Panda & Penguin 2020

Description: Listed top 3 common SEO mistakes to avoid it urgently for Google panda & penguin penalties in 2020 for your blogs or websites.

I have started to write this post about common SEO mistakes to avoid Google panda & penguin which is not limited to include the theory part of SEO mistakes although I will cover the story I have learned from our blogging carrier. Similar as the common mistakes newbies mostly repeat the mistakes for on page optimization techniques and off page optimization that lead Google panda and penguin penalties to their blogs. I have tried many different things in SEO for my blogs some of them impacted positively and some negatively. I also made many SEO mistakes but learned from them. Making mistakes are not wrong unless you don't learn from them. I am just sharing our SEO experience with all of you that what common SEO mistakes I did that hit my blog in Google panda and penguin updates and how I avoided them. Some of my blogs have also faced the war of Google panda & penguin. This blog had been hit by Google panda & penguin, but in the recent panda 4.0 & penguin 3.0, we have successfully recovered it. I don't do anything special to recover our blog from panda & penguin, just I have avoided the basic SEO mistakes that I made when I was a newbie.

common seo mistakes to avoid for google panda and penguin
Top 3 Common SEO Mistakes to avoid it urgently for Google panda or penguin penalties
Most of you thinking that common SEO mistakes are basically tend to the on page optimization. Yes, obviously it is but if your blog is in the foot of Google panda & penguin then there is no existence of any work you do with your blog. First, you have to pass each and every algorithm updates, if you had passed, there is no guarantee for the future. However, if you follow all the rule and regulations you can be on the safe side of this war.  

SEO still works my friends! SEO is not dead; just you have to go on the right track. I would recommend you to read Google webmaster guidelines to help yourself to find your blog by the major search engines. Therefore, here is a how to guide to avoid common SEO mistakes for Google penguin and panda for 2020.

Common SEO Mistakes Avoid it Urgently! for 2020 : Panda & Penguin

The current year is set to be end. We should welcome to 2020 before the start. We should make strategies for the upcoming year since SEO has changed from day to day. Nobody knows what will be the next for 2020, but you should avoid the common SEO mistakes for 2020 as soon as possible for passing further algorithm updates. I have listed top most common SEO mistakes that you should avoid for your blogs or websites.

1. Thin contents

As we all know, search engines love the content, Excuse Me! Now it is quality content. Search your entire site for the thin content pages, and note down their URLs. You have some choices to avoid the thin content issue from your blog.
  • Delete the thin posts. Otherwise
  • Edit theses posts, and adding some more value to the existing thin post pages. I don't know the exact words that should be okay for the content length, but form some SEOs more than 500 words should be fine for the content. In my opinion, 1000 words for quality post is always welcome with a thumb.
  • If you don't want either delete or edit the post, you may use noindex Meta tag to prevent these pages from crawling and indexing by the major search engines. You may also use robots.txt file to noindex that posts.
I have found this issue causes to hit your blog in Panda updates. If you want to stay away or don't want to hit by the next panda updates. Take it seriously for the coming 2020. You may look over here for all Google panda update in 2016.

2. Outdated & Expired contents

We are also know, everyone want to get the fresh news. You don't want to read the newspaper which is published one month later. If you are a Blogger, you are a resource for your audience. If you want to keep your audience live with your blog, you must be delivered fresh content because there are many resources in the web world. I think you have got my point.

Outdated content: Let you had written a quality post for something "A" into your blog with step by step process including screenshots & video. Now, after 8 months "A" has updated some policies, changing its URL and the user interface for their website. You should make these changes to your existing post otherwise your post will going to be outdated. If you don't update your outdated content from your blog, your audience can't find the exact way you are explaining in your post for the official website, and they would return back to the search engines which is enough for Google to detect now your content actually have no value.

Expired content:  keeping the expired contents on your blog is similar as hold a dead body with you. The dead content which is still alive on your blog or website called expired content. For example, a content with the title 'How to create an account in orkut social network'. Orkut doesn't exist on the web any more.

Outdated or specially expired contents might cause for Panda hit for your blog. I recommend you to sort out this issue with your blog.

3. Backlinks

Backlink is one of the most talking keyword in SEO community. This post is not enough to explain the backlinks more briefly, but I will consider explaining some major points that you should avoid.

Out-bound links: A link point to another website or blog from your blog is called, an out-bound link. Doesn't matter the location of your out-bond links. It may be placed in your comment, sidebar, or footer sections. You are responsible for each out-bound links exist on your blog or website. Only links to those websites you trust or they don't have bad reputation on the web without having penalties by algorithm updates. If you are confused to track its reputation, just use the nofollow tag attribute when link to such websites.

Search your entire website for the out-bound links by various tools exist on the web, and remove the links or nofollow them if you detect any problem. It may be triggered for penguin penalty. You may look over here to get all Google penguin update in 2016.

In-bound links: A link point to your website or blog from other sources is called, an in-bound link or backlink. It is true that the backlinks have major roles for your search rankings, Excuse Me! Now quality backlinks have major roles. If you have quality backlinks, thumbs up for your blog, and if you have bad backlinks, thumbs down for your blog and penguin may banned your website for the bad backlinks toward your website. Now, you are also responsible for all the backlinks pointed to your website similar as your out-bound links.

There is huge difference to deal with your out-bound links and in-bound links since out-bound links is totally depend upon you, but for in-bound links you have no control. That is the problem here to deal with each backlinks. Your competitors may compete you by creating your backlinks from the bad reputed website like porn, betting sites or already penalize websites. I have already told you that you are also responsible for your backlinks too. Therefore, if you found any backlinks which is suspicious you have to take action on it. For your kind information, this blog had already been hit by a penguin update due to the bad linking since I never looked up the backlink profiles pointed to my blog. When I worked to recover my blog from penguin, I seriously looked up to the bad linking profiles pointing to my blog, and taken serious actions. In the next penguin update, boom! my blog has been recovered.

To describe, how to deal with bad backlinks more briefly this post is not enough. However, in short I can give you a home work to deal with bad linking structures for your website. During the process, one thing you must keep in your mind you must have patience. I have also spent around 1 to 1.5 months to Identifying the unnatural links to my site.

The following process is not only for the blogs or websites that have penguin penalties although you should clean up your backlinks to pass the further penguin updates. Here is a deal.
  • We will use Google Webmaster Tools to sort out the issue since mostly everyone using this tool for their blog or website which is absolutely free!
  • Go to Google Webmaster Tools -> Select your website -> Search traffic -> Links to Your Site. Look over 'You most linked content' go to the more section to view all the pages backlinks. You will see here all the pages including your homepage with their backlinks & source domain.
  • You should check backlinks for your each pages from here, and look over their source domains from where the link point to your website. Search the source domain over the web and detect that the source domain has no bad value for your website by yourself. You may also consider alexa rank, pagerank, mozrank or moztrust to detect value. I have already written a guide to identifying unnatural links to your site, you should consider to read it carefully. If you found any issue with the source domain you can either contact the owner of the source domain for your link removal or disavow the entire source domain or a particular page from where your website point to.

    The process may take longer time, but that is the only manual solution. If you don't want to do it manually or don't have so much time, there are many professionals you may hire that would be costly.
  • Make sure, once you have done the process don't forget to check your backlink profiles weekly or monthly basis to protect your blog from penguin updates in the future. Google webmaster tools also allow you to download latest links that you may use to discover the latest backlinks pointed to your blog or website.
Bad backlinks have the major role to triggered penguin penalty for your website. You must clean up the bad backlinks on weekly or monthly basis. If you don't take care about who links to your website, your site would be in question for penguin.


These are the top 3 common SEO mistakes that you should avoid to take away your blog from Google panda & penguin penalties. There are many signals that triggered to Google panda & penguin penalties on your blog, but if your blog has been hit by panda or penguin algorithms, I would recommend you firstly work for the listed common SEO mistakes because that is causes major role. If you don't found any affect, you should check other problems.

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