How to Save Status Updates on Facebook News Feed to View it Later

Description: Save friend's status updates on your Facebook account. View you saved links, photos, videos, events and posts on Facebook.

Do you want to save anything on Facebook to view it later? Here is a simple tip provided by Facebook. Excluding this feature, when you view a post on your newsfeed, and also you are interested to read this story later, simply either you like the post or share the post on your timeline. After some days or week later, you want to view the same post, you have to track your likes via activity log which is totally a time consuming task as you have already liked other posts too. We are regularly check our news feed for the news updated by our friends, liked pages or groups, we may found some important link, videos and events that we would like to save it for further reading, watching and viewing. Now, you can save your news feed stories by Saved option on Facebook. You may view all the saved posts in a single place on Facebook. Therefore, here is how to save posts on Facebook to view it later.

how to save newsfeed stories on facebook

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Things you should know for the Saved Stories on Facebook

  • You can save links, videos, place, movies, music, books, TV shows, events and posts.
  • You can't save posts and photos without links.
  • You can only view to your saved stories.

How to Save Facebook Stories & View it Later

  1. Go to your Facebook News Feed, and choose a status update you want to save.

    how to save post on facebook

    Click over the drop down menu, and Save this link. If you don't see this option here, click on 'More options'.
    *You may also save the links directly from friend's or page's timeline.
  2. When you want to view the saved links, you can view it by or Saved option from the left column of your news feed page.

  3. You will see here different tabs for different types of post you have shared.
  4. You may delete any post from the saved pages by hovering your mouse, and clicking on the cross icon. The post will going into the archive page.
  5. If you want to permanently delete any post from the archive page, open the archive tab, click '...' beside to share button, and choose delete. You may also have an option here for unarchive this.

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