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Do you want to submit your site or blog to major search engines likes Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN? Here is a complete guide. Suppose, you have a website or blog of well structured and well designed having great quality content. In addition, You have also invested days to months for developing your websites, but if nobody knows your websites/blogs, you will have to accept that your website's value is nothing and the time you had spent for developing your websites or blogs, was useless. Many users use only multiple search engine submission to index their website or blog to 1000's of directories, which is not enough for the better indexing of your website, however, they might give you a guarantee for 100's of successfully submission over the web, but in that case you should admit it your website may not placed into the proper category that the website belongs to. Since it is an automatic submission, and they have already tons of requests. This type of submission also included major search engine submissions other than directories that have the categories feature to place a website into associated category. If you are new to blogging, I would highly recommend you to never ever use such types of services since it is an Google panda and penguin world. Many linkbacks toward to your website within a short period of time might harm to your website or blog. If you want to submit your website or blog to any directory, make sure to search its reputation on the web, since Google has already penalized so many directories on each panda & penguin ceremony (Google may enjoy it quarterly or half yearly!), I highly recommend you to stay away from these penalized directories, If the directories have good reputation on the web, you may consider to submit your website in those directories in the proper category. Yes, I knew it that the manual submission is very time consuming task but that is the time which will surely going to impact your invested time for developing your website and creating quality content in the future in positive way. Trust me!

how to submit websites to search engines like google, yahoo and bing
Google, Yahoo! and Bing Search Engine Submission for Blogs & Websites
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I have divided the major submissions into two parts,

  • Submit Site or Blog To Major Search Engines as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK, Altavista & Bing
  • Submit Sitemap To Major Search Engines as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK, Altavista & Bing.
  • Submit Site or Blog To Top Directories. (Coming soon! get update whenever I published via Email, don't forget to verify email address by going to your inbox. )

In this post, I will consider only the first part, rest of the steps we will consider in the next post. Therefore, here is how to submit site to major search engines.

How to Submit Site/Blog To Google Search Engine

You should know that Google has a unique power among all the major search engines and most of the WebPages receive a lot of visitors from Google. There is no doubt that Google is the king of search engines as you can see the major search engines market share for Q1, 2014 in the following chart according to conductor statistics. Clearly, if you want to expose your content to its higher level, Google can do it easily, if you really have great contents on your website or blog.

Why Google is important keeping your search prefrences

To submit your blog to Google, click here on submit site to Google, sign into your Google account, type your homepage URL with http:// in the URL field, type captcha code, and click on 'submit request'.

If your site has already been indexed by Google, then by submitting your site by this link, Google may update your site, however Google adds new sites to index or update existing websites every time they crawl the web.

*You don't need to submit your individual post URLs to Google. Google is smart, whenever you submit a new website to Google, and Google crawler reaches to your web homepage, crawler may reach to every page of your site by the link-to-link process.

submit blogs to Google search engine submission
If you done it properly, then you will see a confirmation message that "Your request has been received and will be precessed shortly".

The next step is to submit sitemap to Google. In this article, read the Google section of the post.

Submission of Websites/Blogs to Bing & Yahoo Search Engines

Submission your site to Yahoo & Bing, go to submit site to bing, and type your site homepage URL and CAPTCHA code, Finally click on submit. It may take some days or a week to get your website ranking in Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Since, from 21 November, 2011 Yahoo completed algorithmic transition into Bing webmaster tool so if you submitted your site to Bing, Yahoo grabbed your blog from Bing data.

The Next step is to submit sitemap to Bing.  In this article, read the Bing section of the post.

Submit Site or Blog to AOL Search Engines:

LOL! you have already submitted your site or blog to AOL because AOL uses Google for organic search so if you submitted your site or blog in Google then it will be crawled by AOL.

Submit Blogs or Websites to Altavista Search Engine:

:) you have already submitted your sites or blogs to altavista because the search results on Altavista are powered by Yahoo search Technology, if you have submitted your site to Bing, Yahoo will grabbed your sites and it will be indexed by Altavista.

How To Submit Site/Blog to MSN Search Engine

You have already submitted your sites or blogs to MSN because MSN uses Bing for organic search so if you submits your websites or blogs to Bing, then it will be crawled by MSN.

How To Submit Site or Blogs To Alexa :

The submission of your websites/blogs to Alexa is automatically. You can add your site to Alexa for crawling by installing Alexa toolbar (Choose any one between Toolbar or Statusbar) to your browser and visit your own website to get listed in Alexa. It will be beneficial for you if you create an account in Alexa and claim your site by which you can edit your site's title, description and your public contact information. You can look a preview of my Alexa Listening.

Submission of Websites/Blogs to ASK Search Engine

Basically ASK search engine required a sitemap to index your site into their search results. In this article, I have included to submit your site URL into the major search engines directly. ASK doesn't have this feature although you can ping ASK for the submission by submitting your sitemap to them. Here is an article to submit sitemap to Ask, and read ASK section of the post.

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