View Year in Review 2019 Story on Facebook for You & Your Friends Profile

Description: View Year in Review 2019 Story for your Facebook profile, friend's profile or see year in review story for all friends at a glance.

Do you want to review your Facebook stories or your friend's Facebook stories published in year, 2019? You can now review your most famous year status updates, on 2019, in a single place. In addition, you can also view the famous posts shared by your friends for year, 2019. You will have already heard about the previous stories that you can create for your Facebook profiles are say thanks to your friends and a look back story for you. Now, it turns to year in review story on Facebook. According to the Facebook, Your year in review is basically including your biggest moments, life events and popular posts. The story may also has the posts you are tagged in.

how to view your year 2016 in review story on facebook

Who can View when I shared Year in Review Story on our Timeline

Year in review contains the individual stories as per the popularity you had shared. That means, year in review may contain your public posts as well as the posts you had targeted to specific lists or friends selected via audience selector. All the posts contained in year in review will still be visible to the same audience as they were originally shared with.

How to View Year in Review Story for My Profile/My Friend's Profile/All Friend's Profile at a Glance 

-> View your Year in Review story: You can also edit your video and then you can share it with your Facebook friends.

-> View all Friends Year in Review story at a Glance:

-> View individual your friend's Year in Review story:
*Change 'yourfriendusername' with your friend's Facebook username. 

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