Read Older/Oldest or First Message on Facebook without Scrolling

Description: A quick guide for viewing or reading friend's messages on Facebook from oldest to newer way without scrolling over and over again. Still Working in 2016.

This is a latest trick to view your friend's messages from oldest to newer series without scrolling over and over again. Facebook allows you to view your Facebook messages [Related: Read Facebook Messages without Showing Seen] from newest to older way. We all know that Facebook is now become a part of life for almost everyone life. We can easily connect with our family, friends, relatives and others. Facebook is also offering free calling to your friends around the world. You can also chat with your connections without any limit. One of my friend ask me to find a way to read very first message without scrolling, specially if you have more than 50,000 messages. Therefore, here is a quick guide to view/read oldest Facebook friend's messages without scrolling.

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read your first facebook messages without scrolling

My friend has been married recently, the interesting thing is that they have meet and started their conversations on Facebook. Now, the message history is around more than 100K. Both are excited to view the conversation how they started their journey, but due to the scrolling and scrolling again to view the older message is so much frustrating. In short, this post is specially dedicated to both of you.

The previous code is not working anymore. Thanks to our commentators to inform us about it. We have updated the code which is currently working without any issue.
(This article is updated on 17 Jan, 2016)

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How to View Older Facebook Messages without Scrolling

  1. Go to this page, (This is a mobile version of Facebook), and click on your friend's chat that you want to view. If you don't see your friend chat history, you can view more chat history by "See older messages" link. I assumed you have chosen a friend name "Nick".
  2. Once you are in the chat history of your friend "Nick", right click on "See Older Messages" and click on "Copy Link Location". Paste that link to any safe place, we need it later.

    view older messages without scroll
  3. Now, go to this page, (This is a desktop version of Facebook), and go to the chat history of the same friend "Nick". Now, while scrolling up, have a look on the top of the chat history number as mention in the following preview.

    load messages on facebook without scrolling

    You have to view that no. faster otherwise it will finish to load or you can disconnect your internet connection before scrolling up. Once you get that no. proceed the next step.
  4. In step 2, take a look on the copied code which will be look like,
    you will find a short piece of code inside copied code says "&start=5". The value should be 1,2,3,.....
    Now, remove that no. and replace it by "Loading older messages" no. that you have got from step 3.
    As per the preview, I should replace it by "&start=6983". Now, remove the piece of code which is in red color. For example, if I edit above code then the affected code will be look like as follows,

    That is the only code which is still working in 2016. Copy your edited code, and paste it in your browser. Voila! you are very close to your path. Just you have to click on "See Older Messages" at-most 10 times. You will get the first message of any your Facebook messages.
  5. Keep in mind, when you see your first conversation page, you will obviously want to view the next conversations, but you can't view it by clicking on "SEE Newer Messages" as it will redirect you to the current newer messages. To solve this issue. Once you are in the first conversation page, right click on "SEE Newer Messages" and click on "Copy Link Location". Paste the URL in your browser and delete the timestamp information from the link as "&last_message_timestamp=458338746" (as red color text in the first code in step 4). Once you delete this information hit enter to view the next page of your first conversation page.

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