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In this guide we are discussing about latest Facebook tips and tricks for 2020. We regularly get emails from our visitors for 'how to' guide on Facebook. They are more interested to know about Facebook tips and tricks than other categories listed on our blog. Therefore, we have decided to write a single post in which you can find the latest Facebook tutorials at a glance. Everyone who are using internet knows Facebook very well. You should know the basic of Facebook terms and privacy by going to the official website. Here in this blog, we write about the Facebook tutorials with step by step guide that we think are difficult for the most Facebook users. Therefore, here is a list of latest Facebook tips and tricks 2020.

latest facebook tips and tricks
Top Latest Facebook Tips and Tricks 2020

Latest Facebook Tips and Tricks 2020

Here is a list for latest Facebook tips and tricks.
  • Read Facebook messages from the begging without scroll - If you have talked with someone many times then your conversion or chat history would be sort out by the list of pages and you can only see the latest or recent conversation page once you open it. What about to see the first message when your chat history has sorted out with so many list pages? You have to scroll many times to view the oldest message on desktop or tap many times on the previous messages on your mobile device. Therefore, in this guide you would be able to see the oldest message without scroll or tap many times on your mobile devices.
  • Accept/Reject all Facebook friend request - Many users get tons of Facebook friend requests. In this article you would be able to accept or reject all the friend requests with single click.
  • Upside Down text for Facebook status updates - Are you getting bored with the normal text? Here is a way to try something new. In this article, you would be able to post your status updates with different font formatting using upside down text generator. You can also enjoy more stylist text for social media. You can also write blue color text on Facebook.
  • Who unfriend or blocked me on Facebook - When someone on your Facebook friend list unfriend you or block you, you will never get any notification so you are hardly find them due to the higher no. of friend list. In this article, we have sort out this issue. Once you follow the article, you would be able to get notification when someone unfollow or block you. Therefore, track your friends who don't wanna track you.
  • Open more than one Facebook account on a browser - Have you more than one account on Facebook? If yes, each time you have to logout for login to other account. In this article, you would be able to login to both accounts on single browser.
  • Change the default Facebook theme - Can you take burger on daily basis without getting bored? Ofcourse not. If you are bored by using the default blue theme of your Facebook account, try using the different color and font on your Facebook account.
  • Read Facebook messages with disable seen feature for friends - When you read someone message on Facebook, Facebook notified to your friend that your message has been seen by your friend by "SEEN" feature. In this article, you would be able to read your Facebook messages without showing seen to the other side.
  • Create Facebook ID Card - This post is just for fun! You can create your own Facebook Identity Card.
  • Save all Facebook data to your Desktop - Make a copy of your Facebook data such as your status updates, friend lists, mobile no., photos and videos to your desktop.
  • Change Facebook Video Thumbnail - Once you upload any video to your Facebook account, Facebook generates a random thumbnail for your videos. But if you want to change your Facebook video thumbnail, you can follow this guide written by one of my Blogger friend Harsh Agrawal.
  • Without mouse, enjoy your Facebook account faster - In this article, we have listed the latest keyboard shortcut to surf your Facebook account faster. Try it!'
  • See online Facebook friends when you are offline - This is not an official Facebook tips or tricks. You need to use a third party application into your Facebook account that allows you to see who are online while being offline.
  • Italic/Underline or Bold Text using on Facebook - This is a post view by more than 100K+ users on this blog. You can now post your status updates or comments on Facebook with different font formatting such as bold, italic or underline.
  • Sort out to unwanted tagged photos on Facebook - Seriously, I am also a victim of this issue. Users tagged me on their photos while I was not present. Basically the tagging feature are now become a way to get your status update viral. In this post, you are allowed to deal with unwanted tagged photos on Facebook.
  • [India] Write Hindi on Facebook - If you are from India, you can now using Hindi on Facebook account in a simple way.
  • Mostly spoken slang words for Facebook - Use slang, save your time. In this article, we have listed commonly use slang words for your conversation over social media.
  • Schedule Facebook posts for personal profile - Facebook officially allows you to schedule your posts in your Facebook page, but doesn't allow you to schedule posts for your Facebook timeline and groups. I have listed a fantastic third party site that will allow you to schedule your posts for your personal profile.
  • Fake Facebook Updates or Chat Messages Generator - Do you want to include Mr. Mark Zuckerberg or Sunder Pichai into your status update or in private chat messages? you can make such types of fun by creating fake updates via this tool. This tool is just for fun only! Don't take it seriously!
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