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Description: One click Google Adsense Code Converter for Blogger, if Blogger not accepting HTML or showing error message.

Do you see an error "Your HTML cannot be accepted" when you paste your Google adsense code into your Blogger template? If yes, it is general for the Blogger blogs since Blogger themes are made by XML Formats. If you are using your adsense code into sidebar, footer or header then there should not be a problem, but if you are using adsense code into Blogger template inside the post section area, then you would face such issue. It is because of the XML structure.

guide to converter your adsense code for blogger

Blogger template can't be SAVE due to an Error after pasting Adsense Ad Code

In short, you are feel free to use your adsense ad code into any section of Blogger without no issue but if you face any error then you must parse the adsense code to XML code using the following tool (Adsense Code Converter). I have seen many newbies are searching for this issue because they have no idea what to do when Blogger gives such errors although the issue is little bit confusing which can be resolve by one click just follow the step.

You can use the following converter that will convert your Adsense code to Blogger friendly code (XML Code) that you can use into your Blogger template. Once you paste the converted adsense code into Blogger, you would be able to view your ads.

HTML to XML Converter | Google Adsense Ad Code Converter

The following tool is not limited for Google Adsense code only, you may parse or convert any HTML or JavaScript code to XML format.

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Copy your Google adsense ad code from the official site, and paste here in the following text area. Once you place ad code here, just click on "convert". You will see your parsed code in the same text field. Your code has been successfully parsed which will work in your Blogger template.

Now, copy the parsed code from here and paste it into your Blogger template. You would not get any error after pasting the parsed code into your Blogger template.

Have you any difficulty? You can feel free to ask your questions via comments!!!

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