How to Increase Improve Alexa Rankings for Blogs 2020

Description: Do you want to improve or increase alexa rankings of your blog? Here is a list to boost up your blog's alexa rank.

Do you want to increase / improve your blog Alexa ranking? Welcome to this article! I will show you the ways, once you follow, you'll get the better Alexa ranking for your site. I am not planning to write the common points that you have already read from other sources or before landing to this page. I always share the things which we have done in the past. Therefore, this article is based on my own experience. Yes, I know you have checked our Alexa ranking before reading the post which is not better. This blog had reached to 38K Alexa ranking in the past within 8 months journey after the launch. There was everything good in my life. After a year, suddenly some of the Google algorithms slapped to my blog, the blog had finished. Traffic had vanished from 3000+ daily pageviews for only 140 posts to 100- daily pageviews, since the most traffic was from Google search engine. Alexa ranking of this blog has downgraded from 38K to 1Million after half a year. Yes, I agree, I had made many mistakes in my blogging life, and learned many things from those mistakes. I take a rest gap, and sort out the problems for the recovery. Finally, the recent Panda 4.1 update surprised me! The traffic increased by 200%+. Alexa rank jump from 1Million to .2Million ~ 199K within short period. I will reveal the secret to recover a blog from Google panda or penguin in our coming posts based on our experience, you can subscribe us for the news.

easy ways to improve alexa rankings of blogs

This post is related to Alexa ranking, and I was writing about our pain. It is for those who are surviving from panda & penguin, at least this story can give him an inspiration. It is absolutely possible to recover from algorithms after years. By the way, go back to Alexa rankings.

Alexa ranking doesn't matter for search engine rankings and pagerank. We will talk more about it in the following way.

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What is Alexa? and Alexa Ranking ?

Alexa is associated with company, which provides commercial web traffic data based on the traffic to a website. Alexa also provides globally and locally ranking of a website. Alexa tracks the visitors on the sites all over the world with their own way by their toolbar. Basically the alexa rank you often see on toolbar or on the widgets of the corresponding sites, is based on the traffic to the corresponding sites form the previous three months visitors.  If your visitors have no installed alexa toolbar then this visit could not be count by alexa. It is not difficult to reach under #100,000 alexa rank. Just follow the below steps and apply them and I am sure you will get benefits under one months.

If you have a better alexa rank, it will help to your audience and your advertisers a rough indication for your blog reputation. It would be good for your blog revenue too.

How Can I Improve/Increase Alexa Ranking Under 100K Easily

  1. Download Alexa Toolbar or Alexa Status Bar by clicking on Alexa ToolBar or Status Bar. Now whenever you visited your own site, it is counted by alexa. The more you visit your own site the more better alexa rank. It doesn't mean you visit your own site 10 times in a day will count 10 visitors. It would be one from the same IP address. The second visit should count after 24 hours.
  2. Claim your blog by clicking on Alexa for site owners and edit your site listening.
  3. Put Alexa Rank Widget on your blogs in your sidebar or in your footer of your blog.
  4. Try to telling about alexa toolbar to your friends and your colleagues and tell them to install it on their systems and explain the tracking system. Ask your friends to rate and review your site on alexa profile of your site.
  5. Try to get visitors from webmaster forums (Be registered in forums and add signature as link back to your blog), blogging communities because the most of bloggers and webmasters have already installed alexa toolbar. You should try to post your content related to webmaster, SEO, Social Media and Blogging because webmasters and SEO experts always find the new ways in internet so they can be revisited to your blog if you updated your content with these subjects.
  6. The major part of your blog is to maintain your blog by creating constantly quality content, at least 3-5 articles per week. The more fresh content you published the more exposure of your blog the more visit the much better alexa rank.
  7. Exchange links with the sites that have better alexa rank and also must be related to your sites niche.
  8. Create a category about alexa and post the articles about alexa because bloggers and webmasters always find the new ways to improve/increase alexa ranking. In this way you will get traffic and also it will improve your alexa ranking.
  9. If you can spend some money on your site by advertising then buy your ad space from webmaster forums. It can bring lots of webmaster traffic to your site.
  10. Don't use any short cut method to improve your alexa ranking or any bots who visited your site or exchange traffic. It can be beneficial for a short time but for a long time it can not be work.
If you have any other points which can get better alexa rank then please feel free to tell us via comment. You may also subscribe us for more tutorials.

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