Track your Unusual Facebook Login Activity and Secure it!

Description: View or Track who are currently Login to your Facebook account. View unusual Facebook Login History and Locations to secure your account.

Do you want to track the history when & where you have signed into Facebook? This post will guide you to view any unusual activity in your Facebook account and how you can secure it. Facebook now becomes a common social network that is used by most users. Therefore, you should concern about your privacy on Facebook account.

how to view unusual facebook login activies

Here are some privacy tips on Facebook as follows,
Last month, I have received multiple messages including a pin request on my phone to reset my Facebook password. It seems to be someone is trying to get my password. I logged into my Facebook account and I have tracked our Facebook account login activity. I have not found any login activity to my Facebook account from other devices or browsers that confirm the user in question had not successfully signed into my Facebook account. She/he is just trying to get my password, but I was scared about the attempts so I have immediately changed the password. If the user in question had successfully logged in then I can view them in the login activity so you should also enable this option for the security of your Facebook account. Therefore, here is a quick guide to track unusual login activity on Facebook.

How to Track Unusual Activity on Your Facebook Account & Secure it

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click on Settings under a drop down menu at top right corner.
  3. Now, click on Security. Here, you can clearly view where you are currently logged in along with the history logins.

    activity settings for Facebook login activity

    In the screenshot, you can clearly view my current session where I currently logged into my account. You can also view the history of your Facebook account in this option, and if you found any unusual activity in the history then you can click on "End Activity" to that session. You may have multiple activities, according to the devices and browsers.
  4. Now, we are going to secure Facebook account for any unusual logins. Once enable this option, you will get a notification when someone logged into your Facebook account from different browsers or devices that you have never used to log into Facebook. In the same security page as mention in the above screenshot, look at Login alerts. Click on edit.

    login alerts page in facebook

    You can have multiple options to get notified whenever someone logged into your Facebook account from different browsers or devices. You can activate the alerts by your preferred method. I would prefer to use "Notification" and "Text messages".
Conclusion: I recommend you to use this feature provided by Facebook to know any unusual activity on your Facebook account. Facebook will keep the details of browsers and devices you frequently use for login, the login activities from other devices than you used before, Facebook will notify you via your desired options you chosen. 

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