Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid Doorway Pages, Cloaking & Stacking

Description: Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques such as Cloaking, Doorway Pages, Stacking, Keyword Stuffing. BlackHat SEO 2015 List to Avoid.

Avoiding any black hat SEO activities on your blog in 2015 is only possible when you know it. As we all know, reading and writing about blackhat SEO is not illegal although if you are doing anything that belongs to black hat SEO that is illegal for the search engines. If your site caught involving in black hat SEO by the search engines, your site may penalize. Therefore, let's we define the advantage and disadvantage of blackhat SEO techniques.

a way to avoiding black hat seo techniques in your blogs.
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What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a technique, in simple words, to get the top positions or higher rankings in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing that breaks the rule and regulations of search engine's guidelines. Black hat seo might be better for a short period of time, but absolutely you will no longer exist on the long term. Search engines like Google become smarter and smarter day to day than the experts so If Google detects you involve in any black hat seo activity, they will take a serious action against your site. If you want your site to be in the search results for a long time, I suggest you to know that what activities belong to black hat seo so that you can avoid it. 

Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques | Avoid Doorway Pages, Cloaking SEO

  • Hide or Invisible Text:

    There are various methods to hide the text on the webpages. The most likely way is to set background color with same as the text so the visitors can not be able to view the text, but search engines can see. That is why black hat SEO is generally for showing everything and targeted to search engines only while the first preference must for the visitors. By using this method users stuff a paragraph with the targeted keywords and hide them. Search engines are smarter than you and me, now they will easily catch it. Some users use font size to hide the text that cannot be readable. I suggest you never do it if you want to make a relationship between your blog and search engines.
  • Keyword Stuffing:

    Including keywords into your post is a good thing. I would also recommend you to include long and short tail keywords to your post. All the things have a limit in the world so for keywords too. When I was newbie, I have heard it somewhere "the more keywords a post have, the better ranking(s) post get." that was absolutely wrong. You should include your keywords into your posts when necessary. You should write your articles for the readers not for the search engines only. Try to avoid keyword stuffing from your posts to make a relationship with your readers. I don't know that what percentage is considered to be a keyword stuffing, but if your keyword density is more than 10%, absolutely you will be in question for the search engines.
  • Link to Spam Sites:

    Google treats here as like your society. In a society, a person is said to be a good person who has good friend circle. If you have a bad friend circle, you will be bad no matter you are truly good. Search engines also follow this rule for your blogs or sites to be considered as good or bad. You can read more about the exactly bad sites here. If you link to bad sites from your blog, your site has a relationship with the bad site, if it is, it may harm to your site. Similarly, a bad site link to your site may also harm to your blog. That means you are responsible for both linking schemes. You should try to avoid such types of link building for your blog. If your site has the decent number of backlinks from the bad sites, I have no doubt your site would be hit by Google penguin in the next penguin update. If your blog has already been hit by Google penguin you should consider to read this post to recover your blog from Google penguin penalty
  • Duplicate Content:

    Some of the newbies blogger comes to the blogging world and they think that blogging is so easy. They can earn alto of money by creating a blog and monetize it with a free program such as Google Adsense. I would like to tell you that blogging is not as easy as you think. Some of them try to make a content hug by scrapping other blog's content. No, blogging is not a copy-paste job. If you do so you may get decent traffic from the search engines, but temporary. Once search engines caught such types of activity the game will finished. I have also a list of my content scrapers that delvers my content without asking for the permission. I regularly file DMCA requests when I find my content on other places. By DMCA request, you can notify your theft to search engines. If you was the owner of the content, search engines surely ban your theft's site. Why don't some persons understand that the online web is another world? It feels very bad when you see your work on other places without your permission. The idea is simple, play fairly and enjoy the game.

    I would like to tell each and every newbie bloggers that never ever do that if you want your existence in the web for the long time. If you are regularly scrap the content from a blog then the blog owner may file a DMCA requests to your hosting server, sites that is your source of income, your domain registrar that may lead to harm to your business and to you also since Google panda never like the duplicate contents. If your theft site created on, you can easily file a DMCA requests to Blogger for auto deletion of your duplicate posts. The easy way is to avoid this black hat seo to start your fair blogging carrier. If your blog has already been hit by Panda, here is a quick guide to recover your blog from Google panda penalty.
  • Title Stacking:

    Never use more than one title for your post or page. Some persons use more than one title for the post try to getting higher rankings in the major search engines. This type of technique is called title stacking. Never ever do it, if you caught, get banned. You can see the title tag by going to the source code of any page, and look at between <title>.....</title> tag.
  • Doorway Pages:

    What is Doorway Pages? Doorway pages are basically simple HTML pages that fully optimized for the search engines. Doorway pages targets specific keywords or phrases for the search engines, but not for the users. Let's give you an example, suppose you want to purchase a television, and you go to the electronic market. You see a board "We deals in Televisions SONY, TOSHIBA, PANASONIC & HITACHI Products". You will thought I have found what I want. You will more likely to visit the shop because of the board. When you visit in the shop, there were no option for television; you will surely get back from the shop. Doorway pages are similarly like that.

    Doorway pages are basically optimized for specific keywords so that it may appear on the search results for that keyword, and if a user finds their result in the search they click on it. When they visit on the page, the desire page automatically use JavaScript or Meta refresh property to redirect visitors to other page. If visitors don't find what they want, get back to the search engine again by hitting browser's back button. Search engines can easily track this activity, if Google found it so many times it means you are using doorway page or the content has no value, may get your page lost rankings.
  • Don't Distribute Viruses, Malwares, Spywares and Trojans:

    This is a perfect technique to getting ban in Search Engines if you distribute viruses, malwares, spywares or Trojans. You should regularly check for any viruses attack on your site otherwise if your site caught, can largely harm to your site.
  • Never Add Non-Related Keywords:

    Some persons add non-related keywords (most searched keywords) to Meta description and inside the content. They think that they can drive traffic to their blog by inducing such keywords. Never do that.
  • Re-Write Content:

    Re-Write article is similar as spinning an article. Some black hat SEO technicians re-write the same article multiple times, and target different keyword phrases to each spinning articles. The same spinning article from the original article they use on different domains to get the backlinks. These techniques have been expired. You should avoid multiple posts on your blog on the same topic.

    Some users use software that can spun or swing any content by making changes here and there on any article to make a new article, and guaranteed that the desire content is now 90% unique. That is not true, the way is also wrong. Search engines now smarter than that software too. This type of content can be easily detected manually. Never use this blackhat seo otherwise you will get ban.
  • Cloaking:

    What is Cloaking? Show some set of contents to search engines while another set of contents to the visitors is called cloaking. Users are visiting your site from the search engines to find the answers of their query, but you are showing the different content that is like a cheating with the search engines. Search engines may track this activity easily and is a best reason to ban you.

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