Add HTML Signature/Backlink below every Post in FeedBurner Feed

Description: An easy way to add HTML signature or Backlink to Blogger homepage below to each post in your FeedBurner feed.

Why do you need to add a signature with a backlink to your original blog post? I think you know the reason very well but still I will repeat it. Adding quality content to your blog is a major factor for the success, but what if someone scraps and published your content to their blog without your permission. It feels very bad since you don't have control to others what they do, but at-least you can get a credit each time your content published on other blogs. Most of the scrapers use auto blogging tool which is based on the RSS. The tool can scrap the content from RSS feed, and publish to the destination blog link. It means, if you want to get a credit from your scraper, you should add a signature including backlink to your blog post in your Blogger feed.

how to add backlink in feedburner feed
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HTML signature will also help you to detect your content theft before file DMCA requests for your copyright things. I have already filed many DMCA requests to remove the URLs from the search engine who have copied my content via RSS feed. Simple ideology is adding backlink to your RSS feed, when you track the backlink structure in the future, you will get your content scraper too that you may easily file a DMCA request. If you are not serious about your copyright work on other places, then I am sure Google panda update will burn your site similar as you burn your feedburner feed for Blogger feed. :)

In this post, you will get the solution of the following questions,
  • How to add signature below every posts in feed.
  • How to add a backlink to my blog in feeds.
  • How to add HTML codes below to every post in feeds.
  • How to prevent content from being theft by feeds.

I assume that you have already setup your Feedburner feed for Blogger, and redirected Blogger feed to feedburner feed.

How to add HTML Signature or Backlink in Feedburner Feed

  • Sign into your Blogger dashboard -> Select your blog -> Settings -> Other.
  • Now look at 'Site feed' section, you can use HMTL markup inside 'post feed footer' section. Here is a quick homepage backlink HTML markup that you can use it for your 'post feed footer' section.

    The original post is on <a href=""> Blog Title</a> &#169; copyright, 2015<br/>
    Your Name Here<br/>
    Best Regards!

    Make sure, change the blog URL & title with your Blog information. Copy the desire code, and paste it in the "post feed footer" section. You must set "Allow Blog Feed" to "Full" for post feed footer option to be work correctly according to Blogger, but "Allow Blog Feed" to "Until Jump Break" also working. Finally click on "Save settings". 
  • It will take some minutes to add the signature into your Feedburner feed.

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