Make Blogger Label, Static Page URLs Similar like WordPress

Description: Clean up Blogger navigation links like WordPress blog. Make your Blogger Static or Label URLs like a WordPress blog.

Do you want to remove the "label" slug from your label pages in Blogger? Want to remove "/p" from your static pages in Blogger? Here is a simple trick by which you can show your own permalink structures for your label, static or archive pages in Blogger. Have you seen my navigation bar inside the header? They are all label pages, you may just hover your mouse cursor on the link to view the permalink structure that might be visible to the bottom left area. Similarly, I have added my static pages into the footer area, you may go to the place and check the permalink structure those are clean like a WordPress blog. You can also change your category and static pages URLs like as a WordPress blog.

easy way to make blogger navigation links like WordPress blog
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Is there any advantage to use such permalink structures in Blogger? In general, no, but it will surely give a professional look in the URLs structure placed on your header or footer.

Is there any disadvantage to use such permalink structures in Blogger? No never, why it should be? The ideology is we will just change the permalink structure with our choice, and then we will apply a 301 redirect from that permalink structure to the official links. Since the link has redirected permanently with 301 so the links will never lose any link juice.

How to Make Blogger Category or Label, Static pages like WordPress blog

Make sure it wouldn't work on the official label widget such as below to post title or below to content. Mostly third party themes have navigation with manually label pages or static pages links in which you can apply it.

For officially label link that is enabled via layout, I have tried many things to change the permalinks using JavaScript, Yes, successfully changed it, but it applied only to the first label. Confused! Let you have a post, and you have added two labels then only the first label would be affected by the JavaScript. Since, JavaScript loads only once when a page loads. However, I am trying to find a way. If you are a web developer, and you know how can be a JavaScript load multiple times in a loop, please contact us.
  • Go to your Blogger source code (Blogger dashboard -> Select your Blog ->Template -> Edit HTML -> Click anywhere in the source code), and search for the label URLs placed on header or footer by 'Ctrl+f' using "/search/label" keyword. If you also want to clean the static page URLs, search with "/p/" it will show you all the static page's URLs inside your template. Collect all the URLs, note all the URLs of your label and static pages to a notepad.
  • Let you have a label page whose URL is "", and want it to change in "". I will guide you to change that URL, the procedure will be same for all the URLs.
  • First, I will redirect the URLs inside Blogger dashboard, then I will use the redirected path into Blogger template.
  • Go to Blogger dashboard -> Select your Blog -> Settings -> Search preferences. Click on 'Edit' in 'Custom Redirects' under 'Errors and redirections'. Now, click on 'New redirect'.

    redirecting label pages in blogger

    Type the default search label URL in "To" field, and modified URL in "From field". Make sure you don't need to add root directory in the fields, and you must start with "/". Make a tick on "Permanent", 'Save' it. Finally click on super 'Save changes' button. If you have a label with space included like 'seo tips' then you may use "search/label/seo%20tips".
  • Now, go to Blogger dashboard, and change "/search/label/seo" to "/seo", since '.../seo' now redirected to '..../search/label/seo'.
  • You can repeat the process for all the URLs you want to redirect.

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