How To Redirect Blogger Feed To FeedBurner Feed

Description: Do you want to redirect Blogger feed to Feedburner? Here is a simple guide to redirect your existing Blogger feed to feedburner feed.

Redirecting your default Blogger feed into the feedburner feed is a good idea to increase your email subscribers, and you can also track the activities of your readers inside your feedburner account. You can embed the sign up form from your feedburner account to your Blogger blog to subscribe your email newsletter. Before redirect a Blogger feed to feedburner, you must have a feedburner feed. If you don't have any one, you should read this post to create feedburner feed using Blogger feed.

a guide to redirect blogger feed to feedburner
Redirect Blogger Feed to FeedBurner Feed, Photo Credit: @pixabay

Once you setup new feedburner feed for your Blogger, you can see your posts in your feedburner feed's link. Only setting up feedburner feed doesn't mean the existing Blogger feed should redirected to the newly created feedburner feed. Here is a quick guide to redirect your existing Blogger feed to feedburner feed.

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Redirect Blogger Feed to FeedBurner Feed

  • Sign into your Blogger dashboard -> Select your Blog -> Settings -> Other.
  • Type your feedburner feed URL in "Post Feed Redirect URL" under "Site feed" as in the following screenshot.

    setting page to redirect Blogger feed

    You will have an option to choose the part of the content you want to show in your feedburner feed. You may show your entire post, once you select "Full" under "Allow Blog Feed", or show the content up to read more by selecting ""Until Jump Break control the content  show off full, short or until jump break content in the feed.

    I would recommend you not to show full post into your feedburner feed. It has some disadvantage. Let's talk about some of them. Why should your readers visit your site, if you are showing full content into their email inbox? Some of content scrapers using auto blogging by others RSS feed. The scrapers mostly generate content from others RSS feed. If you show full content in your feed then it may be use by your scrapers. 
  • Once you select all options, click on 'Save settings'. Your default Blogger feed URL (..../feeds/posts/default) should now redirected to your feedburner feed.
  • The default Blogger feed URL structure is,

    Change the colored area with your blog URL, and copy the desire URL paste into the browser, and hit enter. You will be redirected to the feedburner feed URL.

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