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Description: A complete guide SEO for Blogger, SEO for Blogs & SEO for Beginners in 2020. Know the difference between SEO for websites & Blogs.

Do you want to know more about SEO for blogs in 2020? We will discuss here about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for blogs & SEO for Websites. You may not believe that both are different from each other since the social elements endorsement into the blogging technology. If you have measured, websites are more likely to buying links than the blogs which is against the Google webmaster guidelines. Google likes the natural links and devoted buying links. If your site involves in such activities, Google algorithm updates may hit your site. Mostly blogs run by the Bloggers, and they take care of their blogs as well as SEO for their blogs manually, but the websites hire SEO companies for the optimization in search engines. Sometimes these companies generate higher backlinks to deliver the better result to their customer, but that may affect negatively in the future. If you are a beginner, you should read SEO for beginners 2020 in the following ways.

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***Before reading SEO for Blogs I would suggest you never try to use illegal SEO techniques for your blogs, more about this issue read Black Hat SEO To Avoid For Blogs.

If you search anything in search engines, you would likely to find blogs on the top positions since blogs are more often updated than the static websites. Search engines generally love the content. Blogs are most shared on the social network than the websites which is now a ranking factor in major search engines that is why if we talk about SEO we have to talk about blogs.

If you are a Blogger, you should always learn new things in SEO for your blogs as much as possible because without applying SEO to your blogs you would not get success in the blogging carrier. Do you know, every professional blogger has good knowledge of SEO.

Yes, I know the quality content is the king that you can also create for your blog, but if nobody view and find your quality content then what is the existence of the quality content? Think about it!
Having quality content without SEO is like to organize a party in the forest without humans.

The first priority is to create quality content on your blogs which is the beginner part of SEO.
SEO on the bad quality content is like try to build 100 of floors without the pillars.

Nowadays, having quality content doesn't mean you have done all the things similar as having a car but don't know how to drive. I have seen many beginner bloggers who have 100+ quality content, but not achieved the ranks where they should be, it is because of a non-proper SEO optimization. They are eligible to write quality content but failed to understand some basic SEO strategy to apply when writing.

This blog also ranks higher on different major search engines for my targeted keywords, although the posts don't have many backlinks. I am sure; they are in the top position because of on page SEO. When I was a newbie, I didn't know more about SEO, but as the time go, I learned more & more about SEO, I did so many experiments that I wish to reveal here in this blog. You may also subscribe us to get the latest post into your inbox.

There are so many bloggers like me always want to learn new things in SEO so that they can implement it to their blogs to take the benefits. Let I recall my memories, when this blog was only 35 articles related to blogger tutorials. I was getting decent traffic from search engines. Then I had decided to write about SEO, and published an article related to SEO. You know what that the SEO article got most pageviews than other existing post within a week. It clearly shows that the users are most likely to know more about SEO. It is not only true for the beginners even it is true for the professionals because they always want to do new things.

Basically, what I did for this blog for SEO, and what will I do in the future for SEO will share the experience in this blog. I would like to recall my beginner bloggers that never ever use any wrong method to achieve higher rankings on search engines you may get it temporarily, but believe me you cannot stand for the long term.

SEO optimization for blog has two parts as following, you may continue read this post by the following link.

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