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Description: A quick guide to setup FeedBurner Feed for your Blogger Blogs. Have a look on Advantage to setup FeedBurner feed for your blogs!

If you have a Blogger blog, I would highly suggest you to setup feedburner feed for your Blogger feed. Using feedburner feed instead of default Blogger feed has so many advantages that I will discuss later in this post. Feedburner is a well known name in the internet if we talk about email subscriptions. Yes, you can also make a list of your reader's emails inside your feedburner account for free. Feedburner is own by Google.

how to setup feedburner feed for blogger
Set Up your FeedBurner Feed for Blogger, Photo Credit: @pixabay
Once you have published a new post into your blog, the very first thing is to syndicate your content over the web. It is similar as organizing a party, and inviting people to join it. Suppose if you don't have people to join your party then what will be the existence of your party. Similarly, you should make your email list by using feedburner for the content syndication. Every time you publish a new post into your Blogger, it will automatically send to your email subscribers. Therefore, here is a quick and step by step guide to setup feedburner feed for Blogger.

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Advantage: To SetUp FeedBurner Feed for Blogger

  • Fetching of your feed will be in real time.
  • Feedburner provides the full statistics of your feeds, such as how many subscribers you have and average number of people who access your feeds as the daily basis.
  • You can track your subscriber's statistic, such as how many people reached to your feeds and how many clicks generated on your feeds.
  • Feedburner also offers Email Subscription. Therefore, your readers can get updates via their email inbox, which is a favorite feature of Feedburner feeds.
  • You can show your Creative Commons license in your feedburner feeds that tells to your readers how can they use your content.
  • You can put your signature below every post in your feedburner feeds to protect your content from auto blogging scrapers.
  • You can also promote your recent posts using feedburner heading animator that shows your five most recent posts. You can use it anywhere on the web which allowed your to write HTML tags. For example, you can use your existing blog's recent post to another blog by heading animator.
  • You can also add the sharing buttons using FeedFlare in your Feedburner feeds by which your readers can easily share your content directly from the feed to their friends.

Here is a quick guide to setup your Feedburner feed for Blogger.

How to Set Up FeedBurner Feeds For Blogger Feeds

1. Sign into Feedburner with your existing Gmail account or create new one.

2. Type your Blogger blog URL in "Burn a feed right this instant.", now click on Next. As the following preview,

how to setup blogger feed to feedburner feed

3. In the Next screen, you will see "Identify Feed Source" since Feedburner may detect more than one feed URL for your blog. You have to choose a feed here (you can choose '...../default'), and finally click to Next.

4. In the Next screen, you will have an option to create a new title or address for your feed. I suggest you to leave your title as default, since it already have your blog home title, and type your blog URL in the address bar (i.e., I will type 'BloggerTipsSEOTricks' here). However, you can choose your own words. These are depend on you. Again click on Next.

setup blogger feed to feedburner feeds

5. Now, your feedburner feed is ready to use. You will see your feedburner feed URL here, just note down its URL in the safe place. You can check out your feedburner feed by the link, and open it to the new tab. Now, again click on Next.

My feedburner feed URL is:, Your URL would be in the same format.

6. In the Next screen, you will see "Get More Gusto From Your Feed Traffic Statistics", don't do anything because you can use it later with more tracking tools inside it. Therefore, click on Next.

7. Now, you will see a confirmation that "you have successfully updated the feed".

8. Here you will also have some options to customize or adding features to your feeds. Just visit each tabs, and enable or disable the services you like.

Now what will be the Next?

Since, you have setup your feedburner feed for your Blogger, but your existing Blogger feed URL has no effect. You should redirect your existing Blogger feed to your newly created feedburner feed. If you have redirected your feed to feedburner, someone click on your Blogger feed will auto redirected to the feedburner feed. Here is a quick guide to redirect Blogger feed to Feedburner feed.

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