Block/Stop Candy Crush Soda/Saga Requests/Notifications

Description: Block Candy Crush Requests on Facebook. Stop Candy Crush Saga or Soda Notifications on your Facebook account.

Do you want to stop notifications candy crush soda or saga game app sends you on Facebook? If yes, I will share you a quick guide to block candy crush requests on your Facebook account forever. I have often received messages by Facebook users that how to deal with candy crush notifications. Therefore, this post is specially for all of you. You can easily find the solution on the web, but most of them have solved it incompletely. Some of them only write about to prevent notifications of candy crust requests, but what if anybody again requests to invite in candy crush soda or saga, you will not get the notification in this case but your account will fluid with these requests. Some of them block candy crush soda or saga game application from your account, but you will have the pending requests in your Facebook account.

Block and Stop Candy Crush Requests on Facebook
Stop or Block Candy Crush Notifications on Facebook
(Screenshot taken from Google Android Market)
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I will help you to clean up your Facebook account with pending candy crush requests, prevent the invitations, deleting the pending candy crush requests, stop the notifications and block the candy crush applications for the life.

I have also played candy crush saga game in the past, and was addicted to candy crush soda too. As a Blogger, I have now no time to play any game including candy crush soda or saga, but regular invitation or notifications of candy crush requests bother me. The perfect solution only left is to stop and block candy crush requests by the following ways.

Delete all Pending Candy Crush Requests & Invitations

  • Login to your Facebook account, and click here to go to pending requests & Invitations Facebook page.
  • Two tabs would be appear in the left side "Invites" and "Requests". A game that you had not played on Facebook will find in invites tab while the game you had played in the past will find in requests.
  • Go to each tab "Invites" and "Requests", you will view different games here. Each game will have many requests from different friends. You may delete your history individually or all history at once for each game application.

    delete all the candy crush requests in single click

    To delete all the requests or invites of your friends for candy crush saga/soda, just click on "Ignore All" in the right side of the application name as in the above preview.
  • You can have more applications in both tabs. Look for each game application, and click on "Ignore All" to delete entire history.
  • Once you delete the history of invites and requests, your Facebook account is now cleaned for the pending things. Now, its time to stop notifications when someone again invites or requests you for candy crush saga or candy crush soda.

Stop Candy Crush Soda/Saga Notifications on Facebook

  • Once you logged into your Facebook, click here to go to manage notifications section. The section allowed you to turn off the notifications of any application that you are currently using in your Facebook account. Click on "Edit" in "App requests and activity" under "What You Get Notified About".

    way to turn off the notification for candy crush soda
    If you have used Candy Crush Saga or Soda earlier, you will find this app in this list. Just search "Candy Crush Saga" or "Candy Crush Soda" using Ctrl+F, and turn off the notifications.
  • If you didn't use Candy Crush game earlier, you will not find this application in the above list. When a friend invites you for Candy Crush, you will get a notification. Go to the notification, and click on the "x" icon as mention in the following screen shot.

    way to stop notification candy crush soda by notification panel
     Now, again click on "Turn off"
  • You have successfully turned off the notifications of Candy Crush Saga or Soda games.
If you are sure that you are no longer interested in Candy Crush games, you may simply block Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda from your Facebook account. Once you blocked, nobody can send you requests or invitations for Candy Crush games. Proceed the following steps to block Candy Crush games in your Facebook account.

Block Candy Crush Saga/Soda Game in Facebook

  • Once you are your Facebook account. Click here to go to manage blocking section.
  • Scroll down the page until you see "Block apps". Now, type "Candy", you will see candy crush saga and candy crush soda in the suggestion list that you can select. Once you select, it will automatically block.

    blocking candy crush saga
  • Once you blocked candy crush on your Facebook account, you will no longer see anything from candy crush game on your Facebook account. You have successfully blocked Candy Crush Game app in your Facebook account.

Stop Candy Crush Invitation Requests in Facebook app

  •  Open your mobile browser such as chrome, log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on menu button in the upper right corner, and scroll down to 'Account Setting' tap on it.
  • Scroll down to the 'Apps'.
  • Inside 'Apps', tap on 'Platform'.
  • Now, set the 'Notifications for game invites' setting to "No".
According to Business Insider, it may work on both the iOS and Android Facebook application. You may check out a video guide to stop candy crush saga invitations.

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