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Description: Step-by-step guide to create a Google+ community for your blogs and business. Make Google plus community as Public or Private.

Do you want to create a Google+ community for your business or blog? Here is a simple guide. The very first thing before creating a Google+ community is to know their features which are mention below. Why do you need a Google+ community, if you already have a Google+ page for your blog or business? The basic thing for Google+ page is to post your news followed by your business to your audience while in Google+ community your audience may ask something or create a discussion related to your blog or business. Google plus community in Google+ is similar like groups on Facebook. Google plus community has more advanced features in comparison to Facebook groups. You may have also an option to keep Google+ community public or private. You can also control who can find your community & ask for joining your community. If you select Google+ community private, you can also hide it from the Google+ searches. Before create a Google+ community, let's see community features in Google+.

how to create a google plus community
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Google+ Community Features

  • Talk about the stuff you’re interested with the same interest of peoples.
  • You may categories your discussion.
  • You or your members can start the hangouts.
  • You may choose your community to public or private use.
  • You or your members can post links, videos, events or photos in a discussion. Google has own algo to detect the spammy links, however you can moderate it manually anytime.
  • Bloggers can promote their posts or pages into the related communities. Before posting your links, you should read community guidelines you are posted in.
  • You can easily drive traffic to your blog by posting your link into the same interest communities. Don't post the same link in multiple communities. Definitely, it is a kind of spam, and Google can easily detect.
  • If you are a Blogger, you may join the following Blogging community.

To Add a Community Page on Google+

  1. Sign into your Google+ account.
  2. Go to the communities section by clicking here on communities.
  3. Now, click on "Create community".

    how to create google plus community

  4. As in the above screenshot, you can choose your Google+ community for public or private. I have chosen public, and let people join it without asking any permission. Write your community name under "what do you want to call it?", and finally click on "Create community".
  5. Once you click on "Create community", you'll redirect to the community setting page in which you can easily edit and add more info about your community. Once you done it, click on "Save".
  6. You can edit your community, manage members, and notification updates anytime by going to a gear option above to your community profile photo.

    how to manage goole+ community

  7. Last step, Invite and share your community page with your friends, followers and fans. Don't forget to join our community page on Google+.

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