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Description: Do you want to create your Facebook Driving License Card online via FB License Card Maker? If yes, here is a simple tip to generate your FB License Card.

Do you have Driving License card for driving your car or bike? It's time to create driving license for your Facebook account via FB license maker. Don't take it seriously, it is just for fun to having a Facebook license card similar as your Facebook ID card. We are all regular visitors on Facebook, and always want to try something new to share with our friends. Some days back, I have shared a cool trick by which you can easily write upside down text in your Facebook status update. One more article that you may be interested in, find out who blocked me on Facebook. Therefore, here is a quick and easy guide to generate Facebook license card.

Facebook Driving License Maker

There are so many website that creating Facebook license card online, but all of them I have listed only the best sites that can easily generate your FB license. Once you have generated your Facebook driving license, you can easily share it with your friends directly from the license maker sites. You can also download your Facebook driving license card to your desktop as a photo, and you can share it over your multiple social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Generate/Create Facebook License Card via FB License Maker

  1. Login to your Facebook account, and open this link, it will open in a new window.
You may also use this link to generate your Facebook license card. This link will also help you to generate your FB license card if the above link, in step 1, doesn't work for any reason.
  1. Now, click on "Click here it Get Your Facebook License!"
  2. Application will ask you to receive your public profile info, grant it by clicking on "Okay".

    permission grant to make facebook driving license
  3. In the next screen, you will see your Facebook license card that you can share to Facebook and Twitter directly from the screen.
  4. You may also download your FB Driving license card to your desktop. Right click on your license card, and click on "Save image as..."

    saving FB driving license
This Facebook driving license maker I have found better on the web. If you know any other FB Driving License generator that you think better. Share with us.

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