Get OTP:One Time Password to Access Facebook in Public Places

Description: To Get One Time Password "OTP" to Login or Access Facebook Account in Public Places like Library, Internet Cafe or Computer Labs.

Do you want to login Facebook without your password? A simple answer is yes! You can create a temporarily password for your Facebook account. This temporary password cannot be reused and will be valid for 20 minutes. The question is, why do you need to use one time password for your Facebook account? The simple answer is, if you are accessing your Facebook account in public places such as library, internet cafe or computer labs you may be uncomfortable to write down your password in the desired filed as the public system may track the words by using some software like keylogger. You can also use OTP when Login to someone else mobile phones.

get otp one time password to access Facebook account
A better solution to protect your Facebook account from being hacked is to use one time password in public places. To need OTP from Facebook, you have to register your mobile number, if you had not already registered your mobile no. in your Facebook account. Here is a simple tutorial on Facebook help documentation that how can you add mobile number in Facebook. Once you have registered your mobile no., you can also hide your mobile number from Specific or all friends in Facebook. Now, follow this post to get one time password to access Facebook in public places without your password.

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How to Get One Time Password OTP for Facebook Account

  1. If you're a US (United States) citizen, write otp in your text message and send it to 32665 from your registered mobile number. If you are not from US checkout this list to see which carriers support this feature and what number you should use.

    For Indian users, send your message to 51555 for Tata Indicom, Aircel India and Videocon. However other mobile carriers such as airtel, reliance and Idea are not listed. You can checkout the latest list mention in the above link.
  2. Once you send this message to the desire number, Facebook will reply with a unique 8-character temporary password.
  3. That unique temporary password is your one time password that you can use it to access your Facebook account in any places.
  4. Make sure the temporary password can't be reuse and will be valid only for 20 minutes.
  5. You can also regenerate your one time password by sending again otp text to desire numnber, if you have used the last OTP or fulfill 20 minutes criteria.   

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