Stop/Disable/Turn-off Auto-Play Facebook Videos in Newsfeed

Description: Facebook Videos are automatically Play in your News Feed. Do you not want to play Facebook Videos automatically? Checkout, disable or turn off auto-play Facebook videos.

Have you noticed Facebook silently play videos in your Facebook newsfeed while you scroll down? Basically, Facebook has turned on auto play videos in their default mode for the desktop users. However, you can easily choose to set autoplay on or off for the Facebook videos showing in your newsfeed. Mobile users might set Facebook videos auto play function on for the WiFi connections only. If you have a limited 3G or 2G plans, auto play videos setting might hurt you as it will take much more data. I don't know why Facebook has enabled auto play 'on' for videos in newsfeed. Users are more likely to play videos that they are interested in, there is no guarantee that a user and his friends belong to the same interest so the case is also true for the shared videos. If you don't want to play Facebook videos automatically, here is a simple guide to turning off auto play Facebook videos for desktop & mobile users.

how to stop or turn off auto play facebook videos in newsfeed
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How to Turn Off/Disable/Stop Auto Play Facebook Videos

  1. Go to your Facebook newsfeed, and click on 'Settings' under drop down menu as shown in the following preview,

    how to disable auto play facebook videos
  2. Now, click on 'Videos' at the left sidebar, and choose 'off' from 'Default' under 'Auto-Play Videos' as shown in the following screenshot.

    how to stop Facebook videos auto play feature
  3. You've successfully turned off auto-play feature for Facebook videos.

How to Turned off Auto-Play Facebook Videos on Mobiles

For Android Users: Open Facebook app, go to 'App Settings'. Scroll down to 'Videos Play Automatically', and finally select 'Off'.

For iOS Users: Open Facebook app, go to the bottom side of the screen, and click on 'Settings' under 'More' button. Find 'Videos' option, now finally choose 'off' from 'Auto Play'.

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