Auto Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn when Publish Post from Blog

Description: Auto post your article to social media sites like Facebook wall or Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn profile or business page whenever you publish a new post into your blog.

Are you a Blogger? You're often use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to post your blog's article. However, posting the same content on different social media sites is time consuming. Here is a new service for you by which you can save a lot of time that will let's you publish your article on your blog, and it will be auto posted to Facebook wall or page, Twitter, LinkedIn profile or business page. It will also auto detect your post title, description and the featured image. Make sure, you are using open graph meta tags into your blog. If you frequently tweet your posts I would recommend you to use Twitter summary meta tags into your Blogger. Auto post into social media also has a function to filter your posts with the keywords so you can set or not to set your post to be published according to the keywords including in your post title or description. You can also share your posts to multiple social accounts from here such as to multiple Twitter accounts or multiple Facebook accounts. Therefore, here is a quick guide auto post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from blogs.
automatically post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Before start, double check! Have you enable different meta description for your posts in Blogger? Have you optimize your Blogger post title for SEO? If no, I would recommend you to do it. It will also boost your SEO rankings.

Automatically Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn when Publishing Post from your Blog

  1. Go to, and create your free account.
  2. Once you created an account, setup a feed for your blog.
    how to automatically post to scial media sites like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

    Just write your Blog's title, URL and click on 'test rss feed' as shown in the screenshot above. Now, you can set the advance settings as per your requirement. Once you have finished it click on 'Continue to step 2'.
  3. Now, connect your social accounts one by one, and click on 'create services' for your Twitter, Facebook wall, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn page. When connecting your Facebook account, doesn't forget to change 'Friends' to 'Public'. If you leave it as default then the post published by this service will be viewed by your friends only.
  4. Once you have connected your social accounts, you will view all of your accounts in the current page, and you can also temporary disable for auto posting your article on any social account by removing a tick on 'Active' checkbox.

    Auto post to social media sites

    Now, finally click on 'All Done!' at the bottom.
  5. Now, when you publish a new post next time in your blog, your post will be automatically shared to the connected social accounts.

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