How to Add Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget to Blogger

Description: Do you want to add animated flying Twitter bird like you see on this page to your blog? A quick guide for flying twitter bird widget to Blogger.

Do you want to add flying Twitter bird widget to your Blogger? If yes, this post is specially for you. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks by which we can drive decent traffic to our blog. The more active followers you have the more traffic you'll receive from Twitter. Therefore, you should also try to improve your Twitter followers. The best way to promote your Twitter profile is to add Twitter widgets to your own blog. There are many types of Twitter widgets available, but animated flying Twitter bird widget is different from all of them because it gives more attention to the Twitter promotion due to its animation. In returns, you'll get more tweets and Twitter followers.

add animated flying twitter bird to blogger

You can clearly view a live demo of this animated flying Twitter bird in the current post. You may have multiple options to allow your flying Twitter bird for specific pages like homepage, some post pages, static pages or label pages in Blogger. You'll not see any animated Twitter bird on this blog except the current post as I have allowed it only to the current post. Therefore, here is a quick guide to add animated flying Twitter bird widget to Blogger.

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Adding Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget to Blogger

Don't forget to backup your existing Blogger template to your desktop before editing anything into it.

Go to your Blogger dashboard -> Select your blog -> Template -> Edit HTML -> click anywhere in the code section and press Ctrl + F to find out </body>. Copy the following code and paste it just above to </body> this code.

<!-- Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget by -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="">
<script type="text/javascript">
var twitterAccount = &quot;Write Your Twitter User Name&quot;;
var tweetThisText = &quot; <data:blog.pageName/>: <data:blog.url/> &quot;;
Animated Flying Twitter Bird Widget by -->

Don't forget to write your Twitter username instead of Write Your Twitter User Name in the above code. For example, let your twitter profile URL is "", your Twitter username is xyz.

Now, finally click on 'Save template'.

Visit your blog, you'll see animated flying Twitter bird on all of your blog pages. If you don't wish to add flying twitter bird to specific pages in Blogger or want to display into specific pages you can read this post that will let you know how to hide or show any widget to specific pages in Blogger.

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