Hide WhatsApp Images/Photos & Videos from Gallery in Android / iPhone

Description: Hiding your WhatsApp Images/Photos and Videos from your Gallery in Android Mobiles and iPhones. Simple tips to hide WhatsApp media from Gallery.

Don't want to show your whatsapp photos or videos in your Smartphone gallery? Here is a quick guide, just follow the simple steps and your friend wouldn't be able to view your whatsapp folder in your android or iPhone mobile. Android mobile phones are booming these days that covers low budget phones to high budget phones. In returns, you may look almost everyone has Smartphones. As android or iOS users increasing, it is now very easy to connect with friends via social networks and messengers applications like Facebook messenger, whatsapp, line or hike. All the applications are free of cost that you can download from Google play store. Let we talk about messenger application, then whatsapp is one of the best and generally liked by everyone which is now own by Mr. Zuck.

how to hide whatsapp from gallery
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You can say that a Smartphone without whatsapp is similar as having a 3G dongle without 3G net recharge :). You can't stop your friends to share your phone with them because true friends matter to you, and when you are locked your gallery with the locker application then you may unlock it if your friend requested. If you don't want to decline your friend request for unlocking your gallery, and you also want to keep privacy on your whatsapp media storage, one of the best solution is that you can hide your whatsapp images and videos from your phone gallery.

Hide WhatsApp Photos & Videos from Android Mobile

  • First find out your whatsapp directory in your phone. It would be place either in internal storage or external storage. I assume your whatsapp directory is in SD card.
  • I recommend you to download ES File Explorer as a file manager (Max. 5 MB). Now, open ES file manager and go into SD Card, tap on 'WhatsApp'.

    whatsapp directory
  • Now tap on 'Media'. You'll see the folders here "WhatsApp Images" and "WhatsApp Video" that we will hide from your phone gallery.

    whatsapp media hiding

    hiding whatsapp photos in android n iphone
  • You will have two options to hide content of these folders. The first one is rename 'WhatsApp Images' to '.WhatsApp Images'. Similarly do it for 'WhatsApp Video'. Once you do, your whatsapp images and videos would not be visible from your gallery.
  • The second & recommended method, hiding whatsapp images from phone's gallery tap on 'WhatsApp Images'. You'll see your whatsapp images here now tap on '+' icon from the bottom of the phone, and select 'File'.

    how to hide whatsapp images from gallery
  • Once you select 'File', type '.nomedia' without quote and press OK. Similarly you can do it for 'WhatApp Video' folder to hide whatsapp videos from gallery.

    hiding whatsapp stuff from phone gallery
  • Now go back to the gallery your whatsapp photos and video has vanished. If it is still visible, go to Settings -> Apps/Apps Manager -> 'Gallery' App -> tap on 'Clear cache'.

    whatsapp app manager

    clear data in gallery app
  • Restart your phone. Now, check your gallery. Your whatsapp photos and videos have been hidden from your gallery.
  • To revert back your whatsapp images and videos, just reverse the steps as removing '.nomedia' files from the folders and clear cache again.

Hide WhatsApp Videos & Images from iPhone iOS Smartphone

Hiding your whatsapp videos and images from iPhone's gallery is very easy as iPhone has this functionality by default.
  • Go to your phone settings -> Privacy -> Photos -> Untick or off Whatsapp.
  • Once you done it in your iPhone, your whatsapp images and videos will not be show up in your gallery.
Therefore, these are the simple points that will help you to hide your WhatsApp Images and Videos from your android or iPhone gallery. If you know any other better way than it, you may share with us. We'll update the current post.

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