Enabling HTTPS in Blogger? Think Twice for SEO Disadvantages

Description: Should I enable HTTPs Support in my Blogger sub-domain? Short answer is 'NO'. Look major SEO disadvantage if you enable HTTPs in Blogger.

Do you want to enable HTTPS integration to your BlogSpot domain? If yes, you must read this article before switching over HTTPS from HTTP in your Blogger sub-domain. Yes, I know you have heard that HTTPS is now a ranking signal that can boost your rank slightly. I have taken a look on HTTPS enabled blogspot blog, and found major SEO disadvantages that you must know before applying it on your sub-domain. Enabling HTTPS for your blog cannot be a bad thing for SEO, but due to the functionality Blogger provides in the current time is not suitable for better SEO, since recently Blogger has announced HTTPS support for Blogger. Google is yet to announce HTTPS support for custom domains, currently it is only available for blogspot sub-domains. I will suggest you to wait for announcing it for custom domains, and some basic functionality to be working fine. I will update this article as the things going to perfect for the blogspot users. You may subscribe our newsletter or simply like us on Facebook to update with the latest news on Blogger. In this article, we will talk about the major issues if you enable HTTPS support in Blogger. Before turning on this feature, you should wait for fixing the issue by Google.

Blogger HTTPS Support and SEO Disadvantes
Useful Blogger Tips:

1) Duplicate Content (HTTP URLs not redirected to HTTPS URLs) - Cause Panda Penalty

Once you enable HTTP support for your Blogger blog, you can visit your blog with HTTPS URLs which is no doubt you'll get better feeling, but If you visit your own blog with HTTP URLs it would not be redirected to the associated HTTPS URLs that means you will get two separate pages with the same content. It would be true for all of your internal pages that mean you have created another blog with the same content which is clearly a simple sign to invite panda for a dinner. I don't recommend you to enable HTTPS support for your blogger before the fixing of this issue by blogger team. However, you can redirect your HTTP URLs to HTTPs URLs using few JavaScript but these are client end program so the redirection would be temporary. For SEO advantage, you need to have 301 permanent redirection which is server side task so wait for the option for blogger to be listed in the setting menu for the redirection for HTTP to HTTPs.

2) Losing PageRank & Moz Rank

It is one of the worst things I dislike. The sites which have linked your site with "http" version will pass the pagerank juice to "http" version of your site. Since, "http" urls are not properly redirected to "https" urls so all the link juice from other sites will have vanished and you will get a simple '0' for your blog.
I don't talk about Google pagerank since Google has discontinued it, but mozrank is still live. Just wait for the option when Blogger team includes setting for 301 permanent redirections from "http" to "https" version. Currently, it is harmful to your blog by switching it from "http" to "https" in terms of SEO.

3.) Widgets May Not Properly Work

HTTPS enabled sites must have all the things including scripts and images pointing to 'https' version otherwise a message will be displayed in the address bar that the 'Connection is Not Secure'. It is due to the unencrypted content found in the webpage. As we all know 'https' encrypted the things when transferring data.
Therefore, if you're using a widget having a script with 'http' version, your connection is not secure would be displayed in the address bar to your site's visitors which is absolutely an annoying task for you. If you have an e-commerce site you must be aware since users would not like to purchase anything from your site if the address bar warns your visitors.
If you want to solve this issue, you must replace all the 'http' version with its 'https' version if the desired destination path allows you 'https' version.

4.) Thumbs up for the Blogger Images Convert Auto to HTTPS version

If we talk about the blogger hosted images which is basically hosted on Google picasa in that area there is no issue since all images with 'http' version will auto show up with 'https' version to your visitors. I have seen few websites indicate that Blogger images don't convert to its 'https' version, I check it out and found it automatically converts to 'https' version.

5.) HTTPS may Reduce your Adsense Earning

If you are using 'https' support for your Blogger, your adsense earning will be affected by this change. The sites using HTTPS in the domain will earn less than the sites with HTTP support, says Google.

HTTPS-enabled sites require that all content on the page, including the ads, be SSL-compliant. As such, AdSense will remove all non-SSL compliant ads from competing in the auction on these pages. If you do decide to convert your HTTP site to HTTPS, please be aware that because we remove non-SSL compliant ads from the auction, thereby reducing auction pressure, ads on your HTTPS pages might earn less than those on your HTTP pages.

Adsense will restrict all the ads which are not HTTPS supported into your ads auction that will reduce the traffic on the bidding auction and resultant you will get significant low revenue.

Conclusion: No doubt, HTTPs enabled sites have encrypted data which cannot be displayed to any third party sources or hackers. HTTPs supported websites will get slightly higher ranking, but you should not ignore the fact that I have mentioned in this article. If you want to enable HTTPs support in your Blogger blog, I would highly recommend you to wait until Blogger team adds some server side functionality to Blogger settings. You can subscribe us to stay tuned with us for the latest updates. I will update this post as soon as Blogger makes changes.   

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