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Description: Top Twitter Messages and Tweets Generators to prank your friends.Make your Fake Twitter Tweets about you from celebrities to fool your friends.

Do you want to know how other peoples generate the fake Twitter tweet on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus and Twitter itself? Making a fake tweet or lets a celebrity talk about you from their official account is very handy. You just need to use a fake Twitter tweet generator tool on the web. There are many Twitter tweet generators are there for free, I am listening few of the best one in this post that you can use without any hard work. In the recent blog post, we have published how can you make fake Facebook status updates or Facebook messages. Keep in mind, that types of tools are created only for fun, prank your friends, so while creating a fake Twitter tweet, respect others and don't hurt others. Let you want to use someone profile picture then simply go to their Twitter profile page, and download the image that you can use it later. Therefore, here are few best fake Twitter tweet generators.

Make your Twitter Tweets fake by a generator
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Make Fake Twitter Tweets by Generator

  • Go to, it will open in a new tab. Fill the information of your friend or any celebrity as shown in the following screenshot.
    making fake twitter tweets
  • Once you have filled all the information as you want to show, you will a live preview right to this form from where you can take an screenshot (press "Print Scr" from your keyboard, and paste it to "Paint", crop it and use it.) or click on "Download Tweet Post as Image" -> "Download Image".
  • Now, you are ready to upload that image on your social media accounts. 
If the mention link is not working, you can use few best Twitter tweet generators as listed below.

How to Make Fake Twitter Messages via Generator

  • Go to, it will open in a new tab.
  • Now, look at the left side and fill the information as your requirement and prank your friends with the fake Twitter messages.
  • You can upload separate profile picture of both people by switching the tab "Person 1" and "Person 2".
  • Each time you want to add a message, just switch the profile as "Person 1 or 2" and write message, click on "Add message".
  • Once you have done it, either use screenshot of live preview or download it as an image as I have already mentioned for fake Twitter Tweets.
If the given link is not working then you can use link to generate fake Twitter messages and prank your friends.

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