Quick Tips for Doing the Most Excellent Blogging

Description: 8 Tips for doing the most effective and excellent Blogging by Blogger & WordPress Blogging Platform.

Since last few years, blogging is proved to be a good communication medium to share your thoughts, opinions, knowledge and experiences to those who can be benefited by such sharing. Blogging is widely used by all generations to reach maximum people and become popular among them. Blog is the ultimate way to express your knowledge and give opinion about the current affairs. There are some blogs that are not becoming widely accepted or not followed by as many people as expected due to lack of knowledge about blogging. Here are some tips which if followed can deliver a good blog post and can attract many of the followers as expected.

how to guide for blogging
Tips for Doing the Better Blogging

How to Guide for Excellent Blogging

  • Use your own Content: For posting in a blog, use your own content in the topic. Don’t go for any copy paste material about the topic. Posting ready made content will decrease your following. Also do try to research more and more in the topic to provide some more detailed information about the topic. As a result of which your topic will be more widely used by the others or followers for reference.
  • Don’t Post Fake or Controversial: Don’t post any irrelevant or incorrect information in your blog post. It will make your blog controversial. Avoid talking about the topics which will hurt the feelings of some group or community. Also don’t post any illegal content in your blog. It will cause rejection of your blog by many followers.
  • Use of Examples: Try to explain your point with the example. A suitable example about the topic helps in convenient explanation of the topic. So try to give simple but proper example about the topic which you wish to explain.
  • Post Regularly: As a good blogger, you are supposed to post regularly in your blog. It will help you making the discussion live and you can interact with many followers.
  • Respect Suggestions: One more positive quality of a positive blogger is he or she always respects the suggestions received by comments. It is not expected that you must be agree with the comment. But rather than arguing you can explain your point of view to the follower silently or calmly with your explanation. It will help you increase your followers and many other people will also find themselves comfortable to comment on your topic.
  • Use Simple Theme: To explain or support your topic, you can use a simple theme of explanation to reach maximum people with convenient explanation. Somewhat complex theme will prove to be not interesting in the follower’s perspective. From the past few years, mobile traffic has gain the no. of visitors so when you pick up any theme make sure it is mobile friendly (responsive theme).

    You may also like, add responsive images, embed YouTube Videos and add PDF, Doc & XLS files responsively in blogs.
  • Don't Over Optimization: Don't stuffed your article with the keywords as it will look irony and nobody want to read as well as search engines also hate it. Do SEO that favors to your blog and search engines. For a post, you can make a unique description, title and h1, h2 tags.

    If you're a Blogger user you may like, on page SEO optimization, create unique meta descriptions and swap Blogger post title for SEO.
  • Enjoy Blogging: One more important tip is not to make your blog with some serious note. Always keep your blog funny up to what you can. It will lead many other followers to participate in that blog and comment on it. Many serious issues can be explained in funny ways to reach to the group. It will lead to positive discussion during the blogging.

So following these simple tips, you can be any time good blogger and can attract the followers and make some popular blogs with many interesting topic.

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