How Social Media Sites Impact Your SEO: SEO and Social

Description: Quick tips to use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to improve SEO. Learn how social media impacts on your SEO.

Can Social media sites impact your SEO strategies? Follow this guidelines to know that how social media impact on your SEO. Companies have started to place a large emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) in order to generate traffic and reach out to new customers. These companies know that an online presence is important if you want to resonate with today’s society, and SEO can help boost this online presence.

how social media impacts on SEO
Social Media + SEO

When implementing SEO, some companies only look at how the tactic can influence their website. What they don’t realize is what can help influence SEO—social media. Instead of focusing only on keywords and backlinks throughout your website, your company needs to also take some time and focus on social media, especially if you want to have the largest reach.
Each social network can impact your SEO in different ways but that doesn't mean you should rely only on your social shares. It is not guaranteed that having more likes, tweets or shares will reach you onto the top ranking position(s), if it is, the scammers over the web can get the top position(s) easily. There are many factors i.e., influencer, for social signals that may slightly affect your SEO.  The following is an in-depth look on how each network plays a role with your SEO efforts.

Social Media Sites Impact on your SEO

  • Google+

    Google+ may not be one of the most popular social networks out there, but it can still impact your SEO. Google allows its users to both share information with others and to “+1” something, which is basically Google’s way of saying you like or recommend something.
    The more shares or +1s you receive, the higher your page will rank in the search engine, especially if the people doing the sharing are considered important and if the sharing is taking place rather quickly. Mostly users are singed into their Google account while searching on Google where the personalized search results playing the role. Let a user has in circle of 10,000 users on Google+, and the same user has +1 of an article on Google+ then these 10,000 users can get personalized results when searching the same topic as "Your friend +1'd this" into the top position, however the ranking of this article is lower than the top position.
    As a social network, Google+ may not be powerful than Facebook but as a social marketing or social traffic it is still powerful than Facebook. In the next recent articles, we will share how can you get huge traffic from Google+.
    Therefore, create a Google + page, join related communities or create your own community on Google+ and communicate through your profile to your audience and get more +1s and shares. It may boost your SEO ranking as social media really impacts on your SEO.
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  • Twitter

    Twitter can also impact your social media efforts. You can not ignore twitter while doing any kind of online business such as blogging, affiliate marketing or eCommerce. If you have a large number of followers who are sharing your content, and these followers are extremely influential and sharing your content at a quick pace, you’ll soon climb the rankings in the search engines. You should be active on Twitter and communicate with your followers to get retweets of your tweets. Be a part of trending topics related to your business and flow some of followers from here. If you have a website or blog then don't forget to add Twitter meta data card as it will show your post title, description and featured image followed by the author on Twitter and in your followers Twitter feed. It will generate more space into twitter feed due to the featured image, title and description that means more exposure to get more re-tweets.
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  • Facebook

    Facebook works exactly like Twitter. Every time you receive a share or a like on your content, it can help your SEO. Like Twitter, though, the rate of these shares and likes and the authority level of the person doing the sharing and liking is also a factor. You can create a Facebook page for your business to interact with your fans. You can also create a group for your business and lets your audience share there thought in the group and other members and you can directly interact to them. You can get more exposure on Facebook to your shared post by adding Facebook open graph meta tags.
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  • Foursquare

    The use of geolocation on social networks like Foursquare can also greatly improve your SEO. The use of check-ins has become a major facet in Google’s algorithm for listing businesses on Google Places. The more check-ins your business has, the better it is for your SEO. 
  • Flickr/Instagram/YouTube

    Flickr, Instagram and YouTube can all help your SEO efforts through the use of geolocation, but not the check-in type of geolocation like Foursquare. Every  time a smartphone is activated, its default setting is to have the geolocation feature turned on. If you don’t turn this feature off, every time you upload a picture or video to sites like Flickr, Instagram and YouTube, the picture or video will contain information on where it was uploaded and what time. When this information appears, it verifies your location, which can help improve your SEO efforts.
Social media has a large and important effect on your SEO efforts. If you want to ensure that your business is sitting at the top of the search engine throne, put some effort into your social tactics too as well as your normal SEO efforts.

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