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Description: WhatsApp Rich Text Formatting: WhatsApp now allows you to write your messages in bold, italic, strikethrough or using any combination of text.

Do you want to use bold text in WhatsApp? Italic text in WhatsApp? Strikethrough text in WhatsApp? Or use any combination of these formatting in your WhatsApp text? If your answer is yes, this post is specially for you. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you already know that how you can use text formatting in Google+ and text formatting in Facebook.

Now, WhatsApp has finally revealed the text formatting for their users in the recent update but you cannot find it anywhere on WhatsApp that how you can make your text bold, italic or strikethrough. That's why this post is all about. If you want to make your text bold, italic or strikethrough in WhatsApp then you have to wrap your text with a special character, similar to using in Google+. For each different text formatting, you have to use a different special character. You can also read our recent published article to hide your WhatsApp images from gallery and how to write Hindi in WhatsApp.

using rich text bold, italic and strikethrough in WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is a most popular platform to connect with your connections. You cannot only use WhatsApp for the conversations while you can also call to your connections (Only if, the calls function is enabled for user's country) and you can even send document files too. During the conversation on WhatsApp, we sometimes need to show attention on few words over a sentence that we can do it by using text formatting. Therefore, here is how you can use bold, italic or strikethrough text in WhatsApp.

Bold, Italic or Strikethrough Rich Text for WhatsApp Messages

These texts formatting will not work in the WhatsApp app older than 2.12.17 for iOS and 2.12.535 for Android. You can check your WhatsApp version by going to about page under your WhatsApp setting. If you're using older version, you can go to your play store, and update it. 
  • Bold Text in WhatsApp Message: If you want to write bold text in WhatsApp, then you must start your text with asterisk '*'and end with'*' for example *Bold Text* will appear as Bold Text.
  • Italic Text in WhatsApp Message: If you want to write italic text in WhatsApp, then you must start your text with underscore '_' and end with '_' for example _Italic Text_ will appear as Italic Text.
  • Strikethrough Text in WhatsApp Message: If you want to write strikethrough text in WhatsApp message, then you must start your text with tilde '~' and end with '~' for example ~Strikethrough Text~ will appear as Strikethrough Text.
  • Using any Combination of Text Formatting: You can also use any combination to make your text combined. i.e.,
    *_Bold with Italic_* = Bold with Italic
    *~_Bold with Italic & Strikethrough_~* = Bold with Italic & Strikethrough 

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