Factors That Can Drive Your Mobile Site Visitors Away

Description: Some factors that do not drive mobile traffic to your blogs or websites, and why should you worry about mobile optimization for your blog.

Mistakes are supposed to be avoided when it comes to our websites. There should not be any room for error. The following article shares different mistakes we make in our mobile sites and how to rectify them.

In the last few years the way people surf the web has changed. More and more people are now using smartphones and tablets to connect to the internet. As the number of smartphone users are increasing it is important that our website has presence also in the mobile world. So that is why we need mobile websites that will represent us on the mobile web. But if a mobile site is not carefully designed then it will not be able to attract customers.

Why we don't have mobile traffic?
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Sometimes developers and designers can make small mistakes which end up having a huge effect on the website. You want have a website that attracts the visitors and they should be coming back for more. If your website is not proper then the visitors will move to different options. Once you lose a customer it will be difficult to make them comeback. Sometimes visitors leave because of small reasons, so it is important that we have a fully functional and defectless website. A bad mobile site will drive away customers rather than attracting them. Let’s have a look at some of the mistakes that drive away visitors from your mobile site.

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The Factors That Do Not Drive Mobile Traffic To Your Website

  • Sometimes mobile websites are scaled down versions of their desktop websites. When this is the case sometimes you do not get the exact sizing of each element on your mobile site. Sometimes buttons and links are too large or too small, this is a huge turn off to customers,and they will end up leaving your website. When there are small links and buttons it becomes difficult to click on a particular button.
  • For any website, search facility is very important so that it becomes easy to find the information they are looking for. According to a survey by Google, 61 percent people leave a mobile site when they are not able to locate the information instantly. Search filter will solve this problem to an extent and this way you can retain the users.
  • One thing we ought to know is that we cannot have lot of information on a mobile site. It has a small screen and it is not possible to go through a lot of information. Only put necessary information and always be to the point as every user is looking to get information quickly. Too much information on a page will clutter the site and that will be a turn off to the visitor. Use the “Less is more” approach here.
  • A website should always provide usability.When you have a site where people need to fill up information, then you should provide them with boxes so that they do not have to type a lot. You should be able to provide them with ease with which they can fill up necessary information quickly and easily
  • As developers you should be able to test the website on various phones and different screen sizes in order to make sure that they look the same in all devices and different screen sizes. The user experience should be same on an iPhone and Android phone or any phone for that matter.
  • You can create an icon with an image which will act as a shortcut to the website. This will attract the visitors and keep them coming back for more. An eye catching icon will do the trick for you. 
  • Responsive web designs are best to keep your visitors on your website. Responsive sites can adjust the width according to the device resolution. You can view this blog on different devices it will be adjusted according to the devices.
According to a survey by Google 67 percent mobile users are looking to buy a product or service and so you cannot disappoint them. Be careful of how your website looks and make every effort to satisfy the visitor so that they turn into clients.

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