The Golden Rules of Video Marketing

Description: These are the golden rules for video marketing for your business. Top five rules for video marketing.

Marketing has evolved drastically over the last decade. With the internet and video platforms on the internet (like Vimeo and YouTube) video marketing has become a very effective way to engage with customers.

However, if you’re going to invest in a video to market your business, you should know how to create a video that’s high-quality and as effective as possible. The marketing firm I work for often uses the following tips for impactful video marketing that gets traffic. Therefore, checkout the simple golden rules of video marketing.

top five rules of video marketing
Golden Rules of Video Marketing

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Five Golden Rules of Video Marketing

  1. Talk Directly to your Customers

    Effectively grabbing your viewers’ attention with relevant messages that matter to them is part of what we ensure your video is a success! If you sell a variety of services and products that might me you’ll need multiple messages in your video. Do this by addressing the needs and wants of your customers in your video. The idea is that if they think you understand their issues and can fix them—they’ll be more prone to buy from you.
  2. Show them (Don’t Just Tell them) Proof of your Expertise

    One of the great things about video marketing is that you can provide visual examples of your expertise. Show them proof with things like testimonials, product installations, and offer money back guarantees to show your product is quality. Whatever you do, just don’t make false statements about your product, stick with the facts and show your ideal customer that others have been pleased with your product or services and let them do the talking. Chances are potential customers will trust the testimonials of your past customers over you just presenting the business value.
  3. Show them You’re a Real Person

    Studies show that customers who actually see a real person are more prone to buy a product or service. Relating a face and personality to your brand makes it compelling and more trust worthy. For example, think of Dave from Wendy’s. When folks see and hear Dave on a television commercial, they know immediately that the commercial is for Wendy’s restaurant and relate to Dave’s “average hungry guy” attitude and sales pitch.
  4. Use Quality Audio

    If you use audio elements in your video—such as background music, voice over, customer interviews, or talking heads—the audio recording is clear and there are no distracting background noises. If there are, use an audio editor to strip the background noise away so you can clearly define the audio. If customer interviews are poor audio quality, replace them with better interviews or voice over audio. There is nothing that will make me click off on a video faster than poor audio quality.
  5. Use Quality Visuals too

    Use quality, not grainy or out of focus visuals in your video. Remember this might be the first visual impression you make on customers—and poor visual quality might reflect poorly on your brand or make it seem unprofessional. Also ensure the scenes in your video are smooth and make sense. You can use smooth transitions by fading to black between scenes, rather jumping from scene to scene which can seem choppy and incoherent. Also, when talking about business value or presenting stats, you can use video elements to hit your point home, such as charts, graphs, and other visual aids.

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