Invite All Friends to Like any Facebook Page 2020 at Once

Description: Do you want to invite all friends to like any Facebook page at once or invite all friends to an event? Here is a simple guide 2020.

Have you created a new Facebook page? You will obviously want your friends like your Facebook page. You can easily invite them to like your Facebook page by the default Facebook feature "invite friends to like this page". You can easily search your friends and invite them manually, but what if you want to send invitation to all of your friends, you can't do it manually. You have to click on "invite" button individually for each friend. Let you have 3500 friends so you have to click 3500 times on invite button, it may take your day.

invite all facebook friends with single click to facebook page

In this post, I will share a working method for 2020 with you that invite all friends to like your Facebook page without scrolling and with a single click. There are other several methods to invite all friends to Facebook page including JavaScript codes or codes run in browser's console window. I would not recommend you to use such types of codes in your console window as it may take your Facebook information without your permission. If you're reading this post, you may have tried few codes to invite all of your friends that did not work. Most of the codes are not working as Facebook blocked them.

Thank you, Mohammed N. El-Madhoun to create a wonderful chrome extension to invite all the friends to like any Facebook page. You can also send invitation to all of your friends to events using this chrome extension. If you have any problem to use this extension, you can directly communicate to Mr. N. El-Madhoun by his email address:

Therefore, here is a quick guide to invite all friends to like any Facebook page in 2020 at once.

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How to Invite all Friends to Like Facebook Page 2020

  • Open your Google chrome browser.
  • Install this chrome extension to your browser.
  • Once you installed extension successfully, you'll see a tick mark on browser address bar when you're on Facebook.

    facebook invite all
  • Now, go to a Facebook page, and click on "Invite friends to like this page".

    how to invite all friends to like this page
  • A pop up window will prompt up with all of your friends name. Now, click on the "tick" mark from your browser address bar. Wait for a bit, your invitation has been sent to all of your friends.

    how to invite all friends to my Facebook page
  • If you have more than 500 friends, then this extension may not sent invitation to all of your friends, sent to only 500 friends due to the Facebook policy, however the declaration message displays all your friends were selected. You may easily scroll down your friend list to see it. You can repeat this step after 24 hour to invite next 500 friends.
  • That's it! Here is my official Facebook page Blogger & SEO Technology, you may like it to get latest Facebook tips on your Facebook newsfeed. If you like our page, it would be my pleasure to invite your friends using this method.
  • Thank you so much for your visit, I hope you get it finally what you were search for. If you have any doubt, you may write through the following Facebook comment box.

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