How to Create Twitter Moments | What're Moments in Twitter

Description: What are Twitter Moments? How to Create and Customize a Twitter Moment for our Twitter Account.

Have you seen a new tab called "Moments" in your Twitter account? Yes, here is a detailed post about Twitter moments and how can you create moments inside your Twitter account. As we all know everyone has a nice story or collection of stories that they want to share with their family, friends or followers but a tweet that contains only 140 characters is not sufficient to write stories. Now, Twitter moment comes to the picture and thanks for it. You can now collect your tweets, bundled it and represent to your followers as stories. To know more about Moments, continue reading...

how to create twitter moments

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What are Twitter Moments

Twitter moments are recently released for everyone to use. By the moments, you can organize and share the collection of your favorite tweets about a specific topic. While creating your moments, you can include any tweet whether it is shared by you or any specific Twitter account. You can also include tweets you've liked into your moment. According to Twitter,

Get it all at a glance: See the complete story come together through the best pictures, highlights, and headlines. From yesterday's biggest meme to tomorrow's big game, everything you need to know is ready for you.

How to Create Twitter Moment

  • Sign into your Twitter account. Click on settings -> Moments.

    go to moments
    Now, click on "Create new moment".
  • Give it a Title, Description and Featured Image (You can either select it from your computer or selected from your tweets)
    how to create a twitter moment
  • Now select tweets in your moment.
    You have four options to add tweets in your moment. The tweets you have liked, tweets you shared, search tweets and tweets direct links. Adding a tweet into moment, click on the grey tick mark right to the tweet.
  • Once you have selected all the tweets for your moment, you can rearrange them by the "Move up" or "Move down" arrow.
  • Once your tweets collection is ready to publish, you can have more option to customize it by going to "More" option in the top left corner of the website.
    how to customize your twitter moment
  • Now, finally click on "Publish" to publish your moment.
  • Once you have published your moment, you can share it with your followers by going to your moments and click on Tweet.
    how to share twitter moment
  • Once you shared your moment, it will look as the following preview into your follower's timeline.

  • You have successfully created your Twitter moment. If you have any doubt, feel free to comment here. Thanks for visiting. You may also browse more Twitter tips in this blog.
If you have any doubt using Twitter moments, feel free to ask here in the comment box. 

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