What is Android Rooting and Advantages of Rooting

Description: What is Rooting? Why should you root your android mobile? Know the advantages of android rooting.

Are you familiar to android? Have you heard about Android Rooting? Do you know the advantages of rooting? In this post, we will answer all these queries but before we start let me tell you that Rooting your Android Device will void the warranty of your device but you can get back the warranty after installing the factory firmware, the warranty of your device gets void because any outside changes to the Android Device Software is not against the warranty terms of the manufacturer.

why you should root your android devices

What is Rooting?

Rooting means getting the Superuser authorities to your Android Operating System Root directory and from the root directory you can change the appearance and performance also rooting allows you to do flash on your android device (flash in rooting terms means installing). Some of the things that you can do after Rooting your android device are:

Advantages Of Rooting Android Device

Installing Custom Roms:

Installing the Custom ROMS and these Custom ROMS are not the official files and these are made by some outside developers and to be much more specific, the ROMS helps you to use your phone potential to maximum.

Installing Third Party Applications:

There are some applications for your android device that can work only on the rooted phones some of the applications are Nandroid backup, Overclocking app etc these application allows you to make more from your android device.

Custom Themes:

Normally the android device by default has certain parameters to its GUI (graphical user interface) but after rooting your phone you can change the looks of your device or you can make your android device looks like the way you want.

Enhancing Speed, Battery Life of Your Android Device

There are many ROMS available that on your rooted android device can enhance the performance (Speed, Processing) and also extend the battery life of your device. These type of kernel basically works on the communication between the hardware and software so they improve the device performance and battery life and many other things. You can use greenify app to automatically hibernate app you're not using which can boost your mobile's speed.

Remove Pre-installed Unwanted Apps:

After rooting you can uninstall the pre-installed apps which are annoying you or draining your battery fast and space wasting of your limited internal space.

Install "Incompatible" Apps

In Google play store, you can see few of the android applications are not compatible with few manufacturer's mobile phone. After rooting, you can install those incompatible application to your android mobile phone.   

Generating Complete Backup:

By default Android missed out the feature of generating backup of your Apps and Data though company provide some backup tools like samsung has KIES but they are not the full solution for your backup needs. Apps like Nandroid backup, Titanium Backup are must have applications for a rooted device.

So this was some introduction for you all on what is Rooting and its Advantages, Now I leave the choice on you whether you want to Root your android device or not and if you want to share your views on this topic then feel free to post a comment and for more such news on android just stay tuned with BloggerTipsSEOTricks.com.

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