Using Wifi Hotspot: Share Android Smartphone Internet Connection to Another Smartphone or Laptop

Description: How to Share Internet Connection from an Android Smartphone to another Smartphone or Desktop (Laptop).

If you have an android mobile phone with the data plan, you may share your android mobile's internet connection with your home computer, laptop or other devices (another smartphones). I am using a broadband internet connection in my laptop which is stable for connectivity, but whenever I do not get the connectivity due to any technical issue by our ISP, I share our android 3G or 4G internet pack with my laptop. This is the best feature I like the most. You can easily share your Jio 4G internet connection using Wifi Hotspot from your Smartphone to your personal laptop.

internet connection via mobile to computer
Share Internet Connection from a Smartphone to another Devices
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I recommend you to read more about internet tethering before reading this post. We will use the tethering feature to share the android's internet connection with your personal computers. You may also share your android mobile internet connection with other android or non-android handsets. There are three types of internet sharing possible in android mobiles as given below.
  1. Wi-Fi tethering (Wi-Fi hotspot)
  2. Bluetooth tethering
  3. USB tethering
In this tutorial, we are going to share your android mobile internet connection with your PC using Wi-Fi tethering.

Sharing Android Mobile Internet Connection with Computer using Wifi-Hotspot

In this method, your phone must have the android version starting from 2.2 (Froyo). Your phone must have the Wi-Fi hotspot option. If your mobile have Wi-Fi hotspot, it will work as a router so any Wi-Fi enable device can detect this router, and easily connect with this router. In this example, we have taken an android handset with 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.
  • Open your Android Mobile, and go to Settings page.

    more option for wifi hotspot

    tethering & portable hotspot

    on wifi hotspot

    how to set up wifi hotspot

    set up wifi hotspot password

    Click on More... » Tethering portable hotspot, and turning on the Wi-Fi hotspot. Now, tap on Wi-Fi hotspot » Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. Give a name to your device in Network SSID, select WPA2 PSK under security, and choose a password for your network to be access. Finally, tap on Save.
  • Now, go to your computer or laptop and turning on Wi-Fi, and refresh the network. You will see your device under Wireless Network Connection as shown in the following preview.

    wifi hotspot signal in laptop

    Now, click on connect, it will ask a security key which is a network password you generated before in your andorid mobile so type it, and click OK.
  • You are ready to use your android mobile internet connection on your laptop. If you are using Windows7, click on network » open network and sharing center in notification area. You will see that the connection is properly connected or not.

    internet connection via mobile to computer
  • If you computer is properly connected with your mobile internet connection via Wi-Fi, you will see your computer information in the BASIC SETTINGS under CONNECTED USERS by tapping on Wi-Fi hotspot.

    configure connected users in wifi for android phones

    The devices you don't recognize, easily block them from connected users list. You may even track the real time data speed by tapping on Bandwidth usage as shown in the above image.

    real time data stats using wifi

    You may even control the bandwidth throttling (you can set the data transfer rate to specific speed as 50KB/s or 100 KB/s) by make a mark on Enable bandwidth throttling as shown in the following preview.

    android data plan bandwidth setting

    Now, just drag and drop the red line vertically as per your bandwidth speed.
  • That's all. I think we have explained everything related to share android phones internet connection with your personal computer via wifi-hotspot, yet if you have any doubt or anything else related to this post, I just want you to drop a comment for a quick reply.
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