What is Tethering? Types of Tethering in Android Smartphones

Description: To know about the feature of tethering in smartphones and their types. Ways to tethering for share internet connection.

What is Tethering?

Tethering is nothing but a way to share your phone's internet connection with other devices like PC or Laptops. In other words, if you have a data connection in your smart phone, you may use that data connection to surf the web over your laptop or PC using the tethering feature. Wifi-Hotspot is one the most popular way to share internet connection from a smartphone to another devices like smartphone, pc or laptop. Let talk about the types of tethering in the following way.

what is tethering and how to guide.
All about Tethering Features.

Types of Tethering

There are three types of tethering exist on the devices.
  1. USB Tethering
  2. Bluetooth Tethering
  3. Wi-Fi Tethering (or Wi-Fi hotspot)

What are the requirements having tethering in smart phones?

For having the USB & Bluetooth tethering, your smart phones must have installed any of the following OS.
  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Windows Phones 7
  • Android (Starting from version 2.2 Froyo)
  • iOS 3.0 (or later)
For having the Wi-Fi tethering (called, Wi-Fi hotspot), your smart phones must have installed any of the following OS, and it depends on the manufacturer and software version.
  • certain Windows Mobile 6.5 (like HTC HD2)
  • Windows Phones 7 (varies by manufacturer and model)
  • certain Android (Starting from version 2.2 Froyo)
  • iOS 4.2.5 (or later)
These are the basic things about tethering that you must be know before starting the tethering option. In my way, the tethering is a best feature for the smart phones that we can enjoy with our data plans, and thanks Google to adding it in the later android version after 2.2.

In the next post, I will show you a step by step guide with the screen shots that how to enable the tethering or access your android phone's internet connection in your laptop, PC or other devices like mobiles having Wi-Fi features. So, subscribe us to know more android tips for free!

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