How to Delete/Clear Search History in Instagram

Description: Do you search for deleting your search history in Instagram? Here is a simple way to clear Instagram search history.

Do you want to delete your Instagram search history? If yes, just do the simple things as mention in this post which is a very easy task, but as a how-to guide I have to mention it. Instagram is one the best photo sharing site, and I also love it. You can easily find your friends and followers in your Instagram account by its easy to use search option. Similar like Facebook, Instagram also stored the search history you searched earlier in the app. When you or someone taps on the search option, your prior search history will be visible. If you don't want to show the prior search history, Instagram lets their users to delete it. Therefore, here is a quick guide to delete Instagram search history.

how to delete search history in instagram
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Clear / Delete Search History in Instagram

  1.  Open your Instagram app from your android mobile, and tap on the profile icon from the bottom-right panel. Now, click on setting panel as mention in the following preview by a green arrow.

    how to clear search history
  2. Now, scroll down the page until you see 'Clear Search History'. Now tap on it.

    how to delete search in history in instagram
  3. Finally, click on 'Yes, I'm sure' to confirm that you want to delete search history.

    how to delete instagram search history in android app
  4. You have successfully deleted your Instagram search history. To confirm, you can go back to the search option, your prior search will not be visible.
If you are using multiple Instagram accounts, you will need to clear search history for individual accounts.

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