Download/Save Instagram Photos/Videos to Android/iPhone Gallery

Description: Download or Save any Public Instagram Photos or Videos to your Android or iPhone Gallery.

Do you want to download photos and videos from your Instagram app to your gallery? If yes, in this post, I will share you easy steps by which you can easily save or download any photo or video from Instagram to your phone's gallery. As we all know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites to share photos having most popular filters for photos and videos for free. Instagram has approximate 700 million users as of April, 2017 and there existed over 40 billion photos. Instagram is very strict about the copyright policy. Many users just download the photos from other account and then upload to their own account which is not a right way to do it, and Instagram followed it. That is why Instagram doesn't allow their users to download or save photos to your phone's gallery.

how to download instagram photos

Do you know you can't post your photos on Instagram from your desktop or laptop? Copyright policy may be a reason that Instagram doesn't allow their users to post anything from laptops. As photos can be easily download using desktop from any websites. However, here is a trick by which you can post Instagram photos from your laptop. You may check it out.

Similar as previous trick, there is also a trick to download or save Instagram photos from any account to your phone's gallery. Let's start how to download photos from Instagram to Smartphones.

How to Download Instagram Photos to Android Mobile

  1. Make sure you have already installed official Instagram app, and logged in.
  2. Go to Google play store, and install Instasave app.
  3. Once Instasave app installed, open it, and toggle the switch to on as mention in the following screenshot.
    how to download instagram photos
  4. Now open your Instagram app, and locate the photo that you want to download, tap on the option button as mention in the following screenshot and then tap to 'Copy Share URL' to save the photo to your Gallery. It will automatically download into your phone's gallery.

    how to save instagram images

How to Save Instagram Photo in iPhone

  1. Make sure you have already installed official Instagram app, and logged in.
  2. Go to Apple app store, and download InstaGet.
  3. Tap on the small Instagram logo in upper-right corner and find the image or video you want to save in your iPhone's camera roll.
  4. Tap on the option button of any photo in upper-right corner, and select 'Copy Share URL' to download the photo in your camera roll.
That's all.

Bonus: If you want to download Instagram photos from your desktop or laptop you can easily save it by a chrome extension. Open your Google chrome and download this extension. Now use, search option to go to any profile and hover your mouse on the photo to upper right corner, you will get a download button. By using this extension you can also download all the photos at once by clicking on the "Download All".

Download Instagram Photos/Videos without using any App

If you don't wish to download any third party app to save Instagram photos and videos, here is another solution. We will use a third party website to download Instagram photos and videos which can be access through your favorite browser like chrome or opera from your Smartphone or desktop. Now here is a step by step guide:
  • Open your Instagram account, and navigate to the photo or video that you wish to download. Copy the link of the post.
  • Go to Save Instagram Photos/Videos site, paste the link, and finally click on download.  
  • Now, wait few seconds, scroll down the page. Your video or photo is ready to download. Right click anywhere on the photo/video, and click "Save video as...". You may choose "Download" button too.
    saving instagram photos and videos
If you know any other way to download or save Instagram photos/videos that you think might be better than the way mention above, share your feedback with comment box.

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