Top 5 RSS Readers for Android Mobiles

Description: Collect your favorite article around the web to one place by RSS Reader in your android mobile. Here is a top and best 5 RSS Readers for your android.

Do you want to install the best RSS Reader Application for your Android Devices? This post is all for those love and want to have feeds delivered from best RSS readers. Yup, I have a great list of RSS feed readers. There are some great android apps available in the android market store by which you may update with your favorite brands. The use of RSS readers is that there are lots of blogs and sites, which are not mobile optimized. Hence, in that case to catch information one needs RSS readers. Therefore, it's all here about the top RSS Readers for Android.

Best RSS Readers for Android

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Needs of RSS Readers

Nowadays, RSS Readers are very much important for the complete information coverage. Suppose you are a job seeker. You want to remain updated with jobs and positions, which are voids in a company. So just, have to go to the portal and subscribe for jobs update with your android app with your own choice. You may choose to subscribe their RSS feed from more than one company or website. All the news related to jobs and position will be delivered into your RSS reader that you can easily read out. Here are the top five lists of android RSS readers for your device.

Top 5 Best Free RSS Readers for Android Mobiles

  1. Feedly:

    Feedly has been rated by +286K users with 4.5 stars out of 5 in the android market. Feedly has a good and user-friendly interface but also looks like a magazine rather than a typical RSS reader appears. In a context, one can say that it provides fast and a stylish way to read as well shared the content of all favorite websites that you love to subscribe. One can easily maintain color scheme too, and one can easily customize the same.

    Download Link: Android Reader Feedly
  2. gReader

    gReader is one of the best readers whom you can use in your android Smartphone and tablets. gReader has been rated by +63K users with 4.4 stars out of 5. The best features of gReader are, you can read your article with white font and black background to save the battery, increase readability in the night, offering offline reading with full content, voice-reading (text-to-speech). You may share your feeds article via email, Facebook, Twitter... you can mark any feeds article to read it later and you can enlarge your reading space by switching into the full scree mode.

    Download Link: gReader
  3. RSS Reader

    RSS Reader has been rated by +4.5K users with 4.4 stars out of 5 in Google play store. It has some cool features like, you can import/export feed from/to android device to RSS Reader. You can also schedule synchronization content to your RSS feed for offline reading. It has also share buttons on their article view so that you can share the news with your friends.

    Download Link: RSS Reader
  4. FeedMe

    FeedMe has been rated by +3.5K users with 4.2 stars out of 5 in Google play store. It has no ad with offline reading including images and text. Once you read an article it will auto mark which is a great feature by FeedMe. It has various themes, lite, paper, dark, night and e-ink.

    Download Link: FeedMe
  5. NewsTab

    NewsTab has been rated by +1.2K users with 4.4 stars out of 5 in Google play store. NewsTab is a daily news app, in addition it is also a RSS Reader as well. Its design is very beautiful in my opinion. You can create a separate segment for your stories and classify accordingly. You can add your favorite blogs or websites by using the search feature. It also has offline reading and read later facility. you can also share your favorite article to popular apps like pocket, evernote, instapaper and OneNote.

    Download Link: NewsTab

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