How to Add In-article Native Adsense ads in Blogger & WordPress Post

Description: To know about In-article ads and how to adding In-article ad into your Blogger & WordPress blog for optimizing adsense earning.

Have you heard about native ads? In-article ad is one of the best native ads inside Google adsense. If you want to view a live preview of in-article ads in Blogger posts, go to this link and look after the two paragraph. In-article ads are responsive so it is already optimize for desktop and smartphone users. I have seen positive impact on our adsense earning after implementing article ads in my blogger posts. Since, In-article ads are responsive and take the full width of your post container contained in the main content, the bidding rate from the advertisers will be high and you will get the best eCPM and CPC. Google adsense recommends you should add In-article ads after the two paragraph of the content which is also a proper place to add it. You may add this ad after the first paragraph of your content if you have sufficient content in to your first paragraph.

how to add in article ad in blogger

Keep in mind, you have to manual place In-article ads into your Blogger or WordPress posts. It is really difficult to add it into all the posts of your blog, specially if you have more than 200 posts. I will tell you where you should place it and how can you optimize your adsense earning. Let we first finding the best posts in which we will add In-article ad.

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Find the Best Top 10 Posts of your Blogger Blog

First we will find the best traffic posts and then we will add these adsense ads manually.

Go to your Blogger dashboard -> Stats -> Posts. Now select 'Month' from the top right menu. You will get the list of your posts along with the pageviews. Now, you can select these top posts with highest pageviews for adding the ad.

Add In-article Adsense ads in Blogger & WordPress

  1. Go to your Google adsense dashboard, and click on 'My ads' from the left sidebar menu. Now select '+New ad unit'.
  2. Now, click on 'SELECT' under In-article ads. Type your ad name under 'Ad unit name'. You can change other settings as per your blog theme.
  3. Finally click on 'SAVE AND GET CODE'.
  4. Now, copy the code. (You don't need to parse adsense code)
  5. Go to your Blogger post editor page. Find the post that you have selected before (highest pageviews), and edit the post.
  6. Once you open the post in your Blogger post editor, switch to 'HTML' mode from 'Compose' mode (Look at the top left corner).
  7. Now, after the two paragraphs, paste your adsense code, and click on 'update' post.
  8. Once you paste your In-article ads inside your post, it may take half an hour to display on your pages.
  9. Similarly, you can paste your adsense code on other highest traffic posts.
If you have a WordPress blog, similarly you can go to the post editor, switch to HTML mode and paste your adsense code. 

Have you tried Adsense page level ads in your Blogger? This ad is better for smartphones traffic.

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