Share Laptop or Desktop PC Speaker to Android Mobiles

Description: Easy way to share laptop or desktop PC speakers with your android mobile. Use android mobile as a PC speaker.

Do you want to listen music on your android mobile that play on your old age laptop or desktop PC? If yes, your search will now going to end here. In this article, I will show you an easy way to share your laptop speakers with your android mobile phones. One of my friends has an old age laptop with speaker problem, and you would also agree that the audio problem is common in old age laptops or desktop PCs. You can listen music played on your laptop even your built-in speaker has stopped working through your android phone's speaker.

how to use android mobile as speakers for laptop

There are many apps available in the play store to stream music from your desktop PC to android mobile phones on the air via wireless, most of them are paid. I have listed here a cool app which is completely free to use but you can see the advertisements inside the app which is not a big problem once you shared music from your laptop to your android phone you may off the screen. The free version of this app identifies itself by voice after each 45 seconds. Therefore, here is a quick guide to share laptop or desktop PC speakers to Android Smartphone.

How to Use Android Mobile as Laptop or Desktop PC Speakers

To use android mobile phones as laptop or desktop PC speakers you need;
  • Android Mobile (for listening music)
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • VLC Player (I recommended it)

VLC player is not necessary but I highly recommend you to install it as the audio stream time delay settings is very easy in VLC. You android speakers will work, no matter in which player you are playing your movies or videos in your PC.
  1. Download and Install windows server client to your laptop or desktop.
  2. Install SoundWire from play store to your android mobile.
  3. Open WiFi-Hotspot from your android mobile and open Wifi from your laptop and connect your laptop to your android mobile. If you don't know how to connect, here is a quick guide to connect android mobile to your desktop using Wifi.
    If your old age desktop doesn't have wifi card which is very common thing, don't worry you can use USB port. You can connect your android phone with your desktop using USB tethering. Here is a simple guide to connect your desktop using USB Tethering.
  4. Now, open 'SoundWire Server' from your desktop, it will be look like as the following preview:
    how to share laptop speakers to android mobile

    As in the preview, we will need 'Server Address' later into android client software.
  5. Now, open SoundWireFree app from your android mobile. It will be look like as the following preview:
    how to share speaker from PC to android
    Enter 'Server Address' from your desktop client to 'Server' in your android app. Now, click on 'Coil Wire Button'. If you have done all the things correctly then the client software in your PC will showing connected in the status field.
  6. Now, open your VLC media player and play any video, you will listen the music from your android mobile's speaker.
  7. As you closely look at video and audio there will be a delay between A/V. To sort out this issue:

    From your VLC player, click on Tools -> Track Synchronization -> Simply click down arrow 5 time in 'Audio track synchronization' and set it to '-0.500 s'.
  8. You can mute speaker from the taskbar in your laptop or desktop. It will not muted the music on your android mobile.
  9. Enjoy the music on your android mobile from your PC.

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