Permanently Delete Snapchat Account | Temporarily Deactivate Snapchat

Description: Temporarily Deactivate or Permanently Delete your Snapchat Account Easily. Where is my Sanpchat Account Deletion Page or Option? Here it is.

Do you want to temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your Snapchat account? If yes, in this post I have written how you can permanently delete or deactivate your sanpchat account easily. Snapchat is basically a mobile app that you can use in your android or iOS devices. If you are currently using snapchat in your mobile phones, and you have tried to delete or deactivate your snapchat account you will not get anything in the app by which you can delete your snapchat account. I have seen on the web that most of the people are searching for 'where is the snapchat account deletion page or option' because account deletion option is not there in the app. Snapchat is a photo messaging app similar like Instagram that lets users send their photos and videos that disappear automatically after a set amount of time. Snapchat has many filters for photos and videos that are currently liked by the users. Whatever the reason you have for deletion or deactivation your Snapchat account, I am here to help through the process. Therefore, here is a quick guide to deactivate or delete Snapchat account.

how to delete snapchat account

How to Temporarily Deactivate/Reactivate | Permanently Delete Snapchat Account

  • Open your browser. Open, scroll down the page and click on 'Support' under community. Click on 'My Account and Settings' -> 'Account Information' -> 'Delete My Account'
    Click here to directly go to account deletion page:
  • Type your username and password, check the box to confirm you are not a robot, and 'Log in'.
  • If it ask you to again enter your username and password, enter it, and click on 'Delete my account'
  • After taking these steps for deletion of your Snapchat account, it will first be deactivated your Snapchat account for 30 days. While your account is in deactivation mode, your friends will not be able to contact or interact with you. After 30 days, your account will be automatically deleted, and your Snapchat username will no longer be available.
  • Once your account is deactivated, you may re-activate your account within 30 days by normally logging into your Snapchat account.
You have successfully deleted your Snapchat account.

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