How to Make Google Plus ID Card | Google+ Identity Card

Description: Easy step to make your Google+ ID Card via Google Plus Identity Card Maker. Download Original Size Google Plus ID Card Image.

Do you want to make your Google+ ID Card? Do you want to show off your Google plus identity card to your friends on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts? In this post, we will generate your Google+ id card. Don't take it seriously as it is just for fun, similar as creating your Facebook ID card. If you don't have created your Facebook id card, you can create one! You don't need to do anything to generate your Google+ id card, just you have to sign into your Facebook and Google+ accounts and few clicks required from the source. You can easily download your Google plus identity card to your local hard drive as an image. You can upload it on your various social networks. I have searched over the web to generate Google+ id card, most of the sites are not working except the one we will mention following. Therefore, here is an easy way to make Google plus id card.

google plus identity card generator
Google+ ID Card

Generate Google+ ID Card | Make Google Plus Identity Card

  • Open any browser, chrome or Firefox.
  • Sign into your Facebook account.
  • Sign into your Google+ account for which you want to create ID card.
  • Go to Google+ id card generator page
  • Click on 'Login with Facebook' button. It will ask you for the permission, just allow it and click on ''Continue as yourname"
  • Now, your Google plus identity card is ready for download.
  • Just download it as you normally download photos from the web, otherwise follow the steps to download it.
  • Right click on your id card and click 'copy image address/location'.
  • Now paste the URL into browser address bar and hit enter, and download your id card to your local hard drive.
  • If you are using Smartphones, just tap & hold on the image, download it.
  • Now, you can upload your Google+ identity card image to any social networking sites. Have fun!!!!

It is one of the best Google+ ID Card generator that I have found on the web. If you know any other Google Plus ID Card generator, you may share with us. You may also like to generate your Facebook driving license card.

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