Send WhatsApp Messages to Non Contacts (Without Adding Contacts)

Description: Send your WhatsApp Messages without Adding or Saving Contacts. Sending WhatsApp Messages to NON Contacts.

Do you want to send a WhatsApp message to someone whose number is not in your contact list? Officially, WhatsApp doesn't allow you to send any message to non contacts or without adding contact. In order to send messages to someone you have to add their mobile number first and then you will get this number under your WhatsApp contact by which you can easily send messages. However, there are few third party apps in Google play store that can easily bypass this and allow you to send WhatsApp messages without adding their contact to your phone. This app is only available for android for free but it is not available for iOS. This app is not only for sending messages to non contacts, you can use this app for scheduling your WhatsApp messages and also you can download your WhatsApp status stories easily. So, this app is all in one, you may try it at-least once. I am sure you will love it. Therefore, here is a quick guide to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts.

how to send whatsapp messages without saving them

How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contacts (Non Contacts)

  • First, you need to have already installed WhatsApp. Be sure your installed WhatsApp have newer version, if it is outdated then update it to new version.
  • Now, install click to chat application to your android device from play store.
  • Once you installed it, open this app. you will see it as in the following screenshot.

    how to send whatsapp messages to non contacts

    Enter the phone number you want to send WhatsApp message. Make sure, the mobile number already using WhatsApp otherwise you will see a message that the current number is not on WhatsApp. You may also use your call logs to put phone number here.

    Write your message into the message field. Now, finally tap on 'Send Now'. It will redirect to WhatsApp (If you ask for open with app, select WhatsApp), and a chat screen will open. Now, you can send messages as you normally do.

    You can now also check there WhatsApp status, profile photo and last seen, if these are set publicly by the user.
I hope, you can now send WhatsApp message to non contacts without any issue.

You can also download your recent WhatsApp stories by this app. To download your friend's status videos and photos, just watch the status and return to this app, tap on 'Stories' and download it.

You can also schedule your WhatsApp messages to your contacts, just write contact number, and type your messages and tap on 'Send Later'. Set date and time, and your messages will going to send as your specific time.

You can also translate your typed messages in 63 global languages.

Here you will get an additional feature, which is funniest, by which you will get randomly jokes based on the number you entered by tapping '+' button. You can change the name by tapping on 'vertically three dot ' menu button.

Hope you will enjoy this app. If you need more WhatsApp tips and tricks, you may follow us or this blog. Thank you for your visit!

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