How to Add YouTube Channel Tab to Facebook Pages

Description: A Simple Way to Add YouTube Channel or Playlist Tab into your Facebook Pages. Show YouTube Videos in Facebook Page via YouTube Tab.

Hello friends, in this post, I will show you an easy way to add your YouTube channel or playlist tab in your Facebook pages. This YouTube tab has a clean layout and also you can set a featured video on the top of your YouTube tab. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know how to add Twitter tab in Facebook page and Instagram tab to Facebook fan pages. You may either show your channel or playlist videos to your Facebook page. Your Facebook fans can directly subscribe your YouTube channel so you can get additional subscribers. If you're a blogger, and you are also making tips by your videos then it would be better for you to add your videos into your Facebook pages. Users are more interested to view videos rather than reading long articles.

how to add youtube tab in facebook pages

How to Add YouTube Channel Tab to Facebook Fan Pages

  • Login to your Facebook account, go to this link YouTube tab for Facebook pages.
  • Now, click on 'Install Application'.
  • Now, select the page in which you want to add YouTube Tab. Finally click on 'Add Page Tab'.
  • Your YouTube tab has successfully installed to your Facebook page. You will see the setting page.
  • Under the application settings, you can type your channel ID or playlist ID or even better click on 'Authorize your Channel'.
    how to add youtube tab for facebook pages
    Sign into your Google account associated with your channel or playlist. Proceed the easy steps and finally choose your account or one of your brand accounts. It will ask your permission to view your YouTube account, just allow it. 
  • Once you allowed it, it will redirect you to your YouTube tab settings page. Finally, click on 'Save settings'.
  • You have successfully installed your YouTube channel tab to your Facebook page.
For more simplicity, you may watch our video tutorial.

Video: How to Show YouTube Channel Videos in Facebook Pages

This is a live video how I added our YouTube Channel Tab into my Facebook Page Blogger & SEO Technology. You may like our Facebook page and subscribe our YouTube channel for more social media tips.

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