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Description: Show your Twitter Feed by Adding Twitter tab in your Facebook Fan Page. Easy Way to Connect Twitter with Facebook Page.

Do you want to show your twitter feed to your Facebook page? Do you want to add Twitter tab in your Facebook fan page? If yes, your search will be end here as I have mentioned a trick which is free of cost that will show your Twitter feed inside your Facebook page. If you are linking your Twitter account with your Facebook page, you may gain additional followers to your Twitter account. The fans of your Facebook page who are not your followers can also easily view your Twitter tab and they may follow your Twitter account directly from your Facebook page. After adding Twitter tab, your upcoming tweets will be automatically showed here on your Facebook page. You may also automatically post your tweets to your Facebook page or Facebook posts to Twitter, if you wish. You may view a live preview of Twitter tab in my Facebook Page Blogger & SEO Technology.

how to add twitter tab in facebook fan page
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Advantage to Add Twitter Tab in Facebook Page

  • Promoting your Twitter account among your Facebook fan pages.
  • Your tweets grabs by your Twitter tab in Facebook fan pages.
  • Increase(boost) your followers.

How to create Twitter Tab in Facebook fan pages

  1. Go to Twitter Application and click on Install App.
  2. Select your Facebook page and click on 'Add Page Tab'.
    how to add twitter tab in facebook page
  3. Now, the Twitter setting page will show up on your Facebook page. Just enter your Twitter username, and click on 'Save settings'.

    how to show twitter feed in facebook page
  4. Click on 'Continue as your name'.
  5. You will see your Twitter tab in your Facebook fan page.
  6. You will see app social links and an ad on the top the page, but don't worry it will only visible to Facebook page admin, it will not display to your fans.
  7. You may also rearrange your Tabs placed in the left sidebar by going to your Facebook page Settings -> Edit Page. Scroll down the page and easily drag and drop the tab.
  8. Each tab has an option for settings. By this, you can show or hide any additional tab at any time. You will also get a share URL for the current tab.
Update: I am currently displaying our Twitter feed by this app to our Facebook page which has a clean layout along with the featured image mention in the tweets. Just install this app and select your page, and finally click on 'Application Settings', write your username without '@', and save setting.

Video: Add Twitter Tab in Facebook Fan Pages

Here is a live simple video for adding Twitter tab in a Facebook fan Page. If you like this video, subscribe our channel to get free updates like this!

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