Upload/Add Multiple Photos or Videos to Instagram Stories

Description: Do You Want to Upload Multiply Photos to your Instagram Stories? An Easy Way to Add Multiply Videos to Instagram Story.

Do you want to upload multiple photos or videos to your Instagram stories? If yes, here is an easy way to add multiple photos from your phone's gallery into your Instagram story. Once you are on your homepage in Instagram app, you will see your connection's stories. Most of them have updated their Instagram story using multiple photos, but when you create your Instagram story you could not be able to add more than one photo or video into your Instagram story as there was no option to upload another photo while adding photos to Instagram story. Basically, most of the users making mistake while uploading multiple photos or videos due to the non-friendly functioning. Once they upload a photo to Instagram stories and tap on the plus story icon then it will automatically publish the story and again when they tap on 'Your story' icon they will see their story as there were no option for adding another photo to the existing Instagram story. Therefore, here is a quick and easy guide to add/upload multiple photos or videos to Instagram stories.

how to upload multiple photos or videos to instagram stories

How to Upload Multiple Photos or Videos to Instagram Stories

  1. Update your Instagram app, if you are not using latest version.
  2. Open Instagram app, from the home menu, tap on 'You' under 'Stories' (Look at the top left corner). If you have already uploaded photo to your story, delete the existing photo or video from your story by tapping on 'three vertical dots' and tap 'delete'. Now, again tap on 'You' under 'Stories'. It will open up Camera.

    how to add multiple photos in Instagram Story
  3. Tap on the gallery icon to upload a photo or video. Select your photo and tap on 'Your Story' plus icon.

    how to upload multiple photos to Instagram stories
  4. You have successfully uploaded your first image to your Instagram Story.
  5. Now, adding another photo to existing your Instagram story, most of the users tap on 'You' under 'Stories' that will show the existing photo and have no option to add another photo or video. This step is a tricky one. Just follow the steps mention below.
  6. Instead of tapping on 'You', just tap on the camera icon, above to 'You' or on the top left section. It will open up camera. Now again select gallery icon and upload another photo as you normally do. Finally tap on 'You Story' plus icon.
  7. Now, go to the homepage of your Instagram app, and click on 'You' under 'Stories', you will see both photos are merged in a single Instagram story.

    how to add more than one photos in Instagram stories
  8. Similarly you can upload more photos or videos to your single Instagram stories. 
P.S: Make sure, for viewing your own Instagram stories, you need to tap on 'You' under 'Stories', and if you want to add more photos or videos you need to tap on 'Camera' icon from the top left corner.
You have successfully uploaded multiple photos or videos to your Instagram stories.

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