Install Genesis Framework and a Child Theme on WordPress

Description: To install Genesis Framework and a child theme on WordPress blog. Upgrade Genesis Framework to any version on WordPress.

Do you want to install Genesis Framework and child theme to WordPress blog? If yes, then follow the step-by-step guide. If you do not have Genesis Framework and a child theme for your WordPress blog, then you can simply buy it. However, I have another offer you may grabbed a license of Genesis Framework and a child theme from us for free of cost by purchasing a hosting package from us. I consider, you have already hosted your WordPress blog to your hosting server, and you have Genesis Framework and a child theme to your desktop. Therefore, here is how to install Genesis Framework and a Child Theme on WordPress.

install genesis framework and child theme to WordPress
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How To Install Genesis Framework On WordPress Blog

  1. Sign into your WordPress dashboard by going to
  2. Now click on Themes under Appearance.
  3. Now click on Add New --> Upload Theme -->Browse (Select Genesis Framework .zip file) --> Install Now.
  4. On the next screen, you can look the Preview of Genesis Framework on your WordPress blog, and finally click on Activate.

    Installing Genesis Framework On WordPress
  5. When you activated Genesis Framework on your WordPress. It might be ask you to update your Genesis Framework. Therefore, click on update now on the top.

    How To Update Genesis Framework

    Since, you are installing the fresh copy of Genesis Framework then you do not need to make a copy of the previous installed Genesis Framework 1.7.1, just overwrite Genesis 1.8.0 to Genesis 1.7.1 and click on OK. If you are using an old version of Genesis Framework and make some changes to it, then you can make a copy to your desktop.
    On the next screen, you have to click on click here to complete the upgrade link for confirmation to upgrade.
  6. You have successfully installed Genesis Framework 1.8.0 to your WordPress blog. You can check it by going to Appearance --> Themes.

How To Install Genesis Child Theme To WordPress Blog

To installing the Genesis Child Theme is similar as the installation of Genesis Framework. Therefore, proceed with the above steps to installing Genesis child theme and activate it. Make sure, when you activated a child theme to your WordPress blog, and you want to change the sidebar and content location settings or child theme color, then you can change it from your Genesis Framework theme setting option by going to Genesis --> Theme Settings.

I would recommend you that do not directly edit the source code of Genesis Framework, as style sheets, .php files because if you upgrade framework in the future, the new code will overwrite to the old one.

Video: Install Genesis Framework & Child Theme to WordPress Blog

A live video to install Genesis framework and a child theme to your WordPress blog. Please subscribe our channel for more tips and tricks on WordPress, Blogger and SEO.

Now, once you finished the Genesis installation on your WordPress blog. The next step is to install the plugins on WordPress.

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