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Description: To setup a professional WordPress blog for full time Blogging. Procedure to start a professional WordPress blog.

Do you want to become a professional blogger? Do you want to set up professional WordPress blog? Have you heard about WordPress blog? In this tutorial, I will show you the procedure to start a professional blog to become a full time blogger. Few words about WordPress, it is used by mostly all the professional bloggers around the world because of its SEO structure, clean WordPress themes, simple WordPress Plugins and easy to go without any coding requirement. Running a blog over WordPress, you have to purchase a hosting plan and a domain name. I will discuss all the things that require having a self hosted WordPress blog. However, to make a full time blogger or start a full time blogging, what requirements should be in you, check out the following steps.

how to setup a professional blog

Set Up WordPress Blog for Full Time Bloggers | Full Time Blogging

If you want to become a full time blogger or a professional blogger, then these three properties you must be follow.
  • Obsession -when patience over, obsession works.
  • Patience -if you have obsessions, you can keep patience in you.
  • Hard Work -Obsession converts hard work to easy work.
One thing you must know that blogging is not for few nights game. It is really depended upon your hard work and patience. Many of the fellow bloggers start blogging and think that earning money from blogging is so easy, and start to write about their interest to the blog post day to day and spend several months. They look over their traffic stats hundred times in a day. If they are interested to earn money by their blogs, applying for a Google Adsense account, and if they approved, add Adsense ads into their blogs. Several months later, after the hard work if they do not get traffic to their blogs, either they involve in the frustration or disappointment and their mind strike to force that the hard work was the waste of time and slowly they make a mind to quite the blogging world.

It is the common mistakes for newbies. Believe me, blogging is not that easy as you think. You will have to be passionate about blogging, if you want to become a full time blogger. Only writing on the blog is not sufficient to become a successful blogger while you will have to concern about SEO for your blog and creativity to develop a community for your blog via social media, email marketing or any other way in which you are expert for. Therefore, here is how to start full time blogging and become a professional blogger.

I recommend, if you are very serious and passionate about blogging, then you may start your blogging career otherwise, part time blogging and set up free blogs is sufficient for you. To make a professional blogger, you must have,
  1. Domain Name: It is obvious; you must have your own domain name, i.e., It will cost you around $10 (650 INR). You can purchase it from any domain name provider company, such as, or
  2. Hosting Package: You have to choose a best and reliable hosting provider that will host your domain's files such as images, videos, audios, content and any other files. When you choose a webhost, you should be very concern about hosting up-time, storage, bandwidth, email accounts limit, subdomains account limit, FTP accounts limit and SQL database limit. Take a look on some most useful elements using in hosting provider,
    • Up Time: If your hosting provider does not able to give your blog better uptime, then it may be a negative effect in SEO for your blog. Let a visitor open your blog, and your hosting provider transfers all the files with a very low transfer rate which causes an error to the browser due to low up time. So try to use a hosting provider, which would be able to give you 99% uptime.
    • Domain Name Host: Different hosting provider has a different offer with different prices. Hosing provider allows you to host a single domain with low price, while they also offer you to host more than one domain with higher than the low price. It is totally depend upon you whether you want to host a single domain or unlimited domains. However, if you have purchased your hosting service for a domain and later you want to host another domain then you can upgrade it anytime.
    • Hosting Storage: Some hosting provider bound your account with storage limit, and they offer you to use limited or unlimited storage with the different prices. I recommend you to go with unlimited storage. There should be slightly different in prices between limited and unlimited storage you keep on your server.
    • Email Accounts: Hosing providers may charge you few extra bucks per month, if you would like to use own email accounts, such as or The email addresses give you a professional look. While, some hosting provider gives you free email accounts, even unlimited email accounts, into your hosting package. I recommend, Use own email services.
    • Bandwidth: Bandwidth means how much data would be transfer from your hosting server to the visitor's browser by HTTP request in one month. Let you have a page of 200 KB, and you have 5000 visitors daily to your blog, if they open your single page only once, then the transfer rate for one day will be 5000 * 200 = 10,000,00KB = 976.56 MB, and for one month it will be 28.61 GB. So, you must have 30 GB bandwidth to accessible a page to 5000 visitors. Since, blog is not about a page while it has many pages and posts, so I recommend you to go with unlimited bandwidth.
Therefore, if you have a domain name and a hosting package, then you can make a professional blog on WordPress. We have written a step by step guide with latest screen shots including video to purchase and host WordPress blog. You can set up your self hosted WordPress via the following source.

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