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Description: A Blockchain Based Social Media Site that lets you earn Rewards for your Activities: Foresting Social Media Network.

Do you use social media to share your favorite things with your family, friends or audience? The majority of people say yes! I am also active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Do you know the hidden part of such social media networks? Let discuss about it.

If you go through the front page of Facebook, you will see a phrase "It's free and always will be". Do you understand it? Doesn't Facebook take anything from you to give you their service for free? If Facebook doesn't let anything from you and give you free service then that's all correct the phrase "It's free and always will be". The truth is different from it. You like and share posts, update status updates and edit about yourself with email addresses and phone numbers etc. All the data has captured by Facebook, all your activities has captured by Facebook even, if you allow Facebook app for GPS, they can track your current location in this planet, called World. All things have been capturing by Facebook. Do you still think it is free to use Facebook? Actually, you have sell everything to them! Your father doesn't know your current location in any specific time, but Facebook actually knows!!!! Because of you! You are believing Facebook is free and the most funny thing is even you think that it will always be free. No, a big NO!! "It was free but now it's not, you will get paid".

foresting social media using blockchain technology

Introducing Foresting, a blockchain based social media network which will paid you for your activities. The rewards system will be transparent as it will be distributed by the blockchain technology. You can use Foresting as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The difference is here;
Work four hours a day, share every moment, and manage your life with Foresting.
In traditional social media networks, they earn a lot of dollars on behalf of your contribution or activities, but you get nothing. Should it be stop? I think it must be stopped. Thanks Foresting to come onto the board. If you are a content creator, you will get paid by PTON tokens as your reward. PTON is a cryptocurrency which will be use internally on Foresting network. You can exchange PTON tokens with an exchange in return for BTC, ETH or USD in the near future. The reward system is not only intended to specific activity while you will get reward for videos, text, images or live broadcast.

What is Foresting Network?

Foresting network is combined with Foresting, a social media platform, digital banking services for the Foresting community, and Foresting lab to support the content creators and curators. All the departments are separated from each other, and it has different roles and rules to fulfill the overall value of Foresting network. Let's talk about its different departments.

  1. Foresting Platform: Foresting is a social media based on the blockchain technology that evaluate the fair value of original content creators because the content will be deliver through the blockchain technology so the fair rewards will go to the original creators. Surely, it will deviate the distribution system from the traditional social media networks. The Foresting platform will increase the efficiency and impact of content providers by enabling to generate new and faster content than the traditional social media networks. Foresting platform will create a new ecosystem for social media through the blockchain technology a very new concept of social media token operation, presented by PTON tokens. Foresting will distribute their income revenue with the content creators using PTON tokens, and it will support all the types of content such as images, videos, text, audio or live broadcast.
  2. Foresting Bank: In Foresting platform, users can contribute through a variety of activities such as providing the content to Foresting platform, liking other content, commenting and sharing other original content like in Facebook. All the contribution by the users to Foresting network will be evaluated by the assessment model provided by Foresting bank. The financial services of the Foresting users will be supported by Foresting bank so that the users can focus on their original work which will surely make Foresting superior than the traditional social media networks. In traditional social media networks, users could not be able to focus on their activities because they were categories or had to suffer economic difficulties such as low income. If you're able to create original content you will get fair reward, but in traditional social media networks your post may not be seen by majority of their users due to their rating system unless you're already popular such as celebrities or politicians.
  3. Foresting Lab: You can say that Foresting lab is an innovation of your dream. Foresting lab will provide freedom to Foresting users and help them to create original higher quality content. It will provide their users high quality equipment such as cameras, lights, speakers, microphone and the instruments that they need. Most of the users can't afford the equipment or space to create high quality content, but in Foresting lab, you will be able to create high quality content so that the overall Foresting network has quality content hub. If it becomes a high quality hub, the advertisers will pay more that will be distributed to the content creators as per their trust rating.
You don't need to have knowledge about blockchain or cryptocurrency for using Foresting network. Once you are a member of Foresting network and you're active on the platform, you're eligible for the rewards in PTON tokens as anyone in the World can easily earn PTON tokens. The users could not be depend on the advertisers to generate profit while the users can benefit economically just by writing content, comments, likes and their activities through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. You can say that the blockchain technology will support the content contributors, commentators and liker.
how to get rewarded in foresting

Why Foresting Should be on Top of the Blockchain Based Social Media Networks?

Foresting is not a first social media based on the blockchain technology. You may find more social media based on the blockchain technology in the market. The best example is "Steemit". I am also a user of Steemit, and used it for the content creation. I also like Steemit, but I think it should more advance in each aspect. Thanks to Foresting! In this piece of content, I will show you why Foresting should be on top of the level among other its competitors. These are the following features, which is not limited to, that makes Foresting on top of the blockchain based social media:

  1. User-Friendly UX/UI: FORESTING’s goal is to provide users with an easy and convenient service
  2. Device Optimization: People can comfortably write comments, send messages, and navigate chronological feeds.
  3. Major Categories for Social Media: 'Steemit' and most blockchain based media focused on specific categories like 'blockchain', 'ico', and 'cryptocurrency'.  Foresting will cover all the major categories like traditional social media ranging from entertainment, lifestyle and so on. Foresting aims all users from blockchain based to lifestyle.
  4. Supports all Types of Content: You can create any types of content in Foresting and get rewarded by its own cryptocurrency. All the activities of Foresting users deserve earnings based on the fair rating system.
  5. Credit System in Foresting: PTON credits are different from PTON tokens. PTON credit increases when some give you unbeats while decreases when you get downbeat. PTON tokens and PTON credits are connected indirectly within Foresting system. PTON credits will affect the exposure of the user activities.

    foresting rating system
For more information about Foresting you may read their whitepaper: click here!

Token Distribution in Foresting Network

There are total of 24 billion PTON tokens in which 10% of the tokens will be distribute to advisors and for marketing, 10% goes to the partners, 10% belongs to the rewards, 25% for the team and founder. Foresting has reserve 5% PTON tokens for further development of the networks. 40% of the total tokens will be on public sale.

foresting tokens distribution

Foresting PTON Tokens ICO Details

Token SymbolPTON (ERC-20 Compatible)
Total Token Supply24,000,000,000
Total Token for Sale9,600,000,000
Token Price1 ETH = 13,000 PTON 
ICO Sale DateSeptember, 2018
Softcap90,000 ETH
Hardcap170,000 ETH (Reached!)

Foresting ICO has been completed before the end of their ICO due to the private funding, and reached their HARDCAP!!

Conclusion: Foresting whitepaper is very interesting, and they have explored their vision greatly in it. You may also get information of the technical terms using in Foresting via their whitepaper. The founder, David Kim and CEO, Daniel Eom are young and well educated. Foresting has already reached their hardcap! Foresting has already partnered with the global corporations and organizations such as Bibox, Tobesoft, Vertical Mass, Thinkcoin, and etc. For more partnership you may visit their official website.

The project looks very promising as no one hides their identity. Foresting team has already attended few meetsup. Foresting CEO, Daniel Eom has joined a panel talk in World Blockchain Forum (WFO) in New York.

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