Introducing Dropil: An Autonomous World of CryptoCurrency!

Description: Do you want to earn 2-5% per month in the Digital Currency with automation? Let Smart Bot Trades on your Exchange Accounts. Join Dropil, An Autonomous World of CryptoCurrency.

Hello World! Welcome to the autonomous World of Cryptocurrency, Dropil. It is for everyone no matter you have a basic or advanced trading knowledge because it is always welcome to steady growth of the portfolio. If you look over to the successful retail traders data around the globe, it will not be shocking for me to say 95% of retail traders who trades in forex losing money and ending up quitting. There are many reasons for such flopped side such as not having proper knowledge of trading skills, fundamentals and technical analysis. In addition to the trading skills one of the hidden major reasons is the human nature like fearness, greediness, excitement and sadness. If you're thinking that it is very easy to handle the human nature according to your situation, whoever controlled it while having good trading knowledge are successful traders and registered in 5% club.

Dropil: An autonomous ways to earn

Dropil's team has done a very great job here that has completely removed the human nature from the trading. In addition to remove the human nature from the trading, dropil has developed a smart bot that learning trading and a number of proven bot trading strategies. The smart bot doesn't work as a logic on the back data as the most of the bots work that shows good profit on the back data and looking less attractive or flop on the live data.

Dropil's smart bot is consisting of logic sets that make it a robust automatic approach and each logic belongs to a larger set. This set is also monitored by the automation layer that also monitors the current live market conditions and risk to reward ratio. This automation layer is also be able to switch the logic sets based on which logic sets perform well. This logic consist of true indicators that are developed by the Dropil dex developer in the way that perform well in any market conditions. In addition to this, Dropil has developed three mode for the investment according to the risk which is Safe, Moderate and Aggressive.

I have personally used Dropil dex for a year. According to the statistics the monthly return of, Safe mode is 2%-3%, Moderate mode is 3%-4% and Aggressive mode is 4%-5%. This is outstanding in compared with the traditional banking system return or any other existing bots. Here is a live statistics of monthly return for safe, moderate and aggressive mode.

earn 4-5% per month using dropil

I am using aggressive mode that result me to get around 6% per month which is clearly outperform. You can also view the return for safe and moderate live statistics in the mentioned screenshot.

If you also want to use Dropil dex, this guide will help you to use it from the scratch so that you can use dex from your bed and cashout your profits in your local currency. I will guide you from the start how can you buy the dropil tokens and how can you start with the dex and finally how can you cashout to your bank account. So let's get started!

Dropil dex is a part of the Dropil services. I will show you all the services that Dropil provides to its users but I would like to start with one of the best product, Dropil dex. Now, get started with the dropil services.

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1. Dropil Dex: An Autonomous Trading

Dropil dex is based on the smart bot that is developed by the Dropil developers. The smart bot consist of the logic sets that can be switch by an automated layer that monitored the current market situation to maximize the profits. You don't need to do anything once you're using dex as the smart bot is enough to handle the trades on any market conditions. It is fully automated smart trading bot. As you can see the return that I have already got from the dex is approximate 6% per month which is really outstanding and significant in comparison to the traditional banking system and any other automated bot. Once you use dex, you will get your profits in each 15 days cycle. However, you can cancel your dex at any time to get your money back. If you are cancelling your dex during the 15 days cycle and if you have negative unrealized profit it will reflect the total amount of your dex while cancelling the dex and if you have positive unrealized profit, your all initial invested amount will be returned. If you are using dex, you don't even need to login to withdraw your profits to your external wallet as the dex also has autonomous withdraw option to the internal wallet or external wallet. You can also set that what percent of profits you need to withdraw and the rest of the amount will be added to the dex for further cycle.

Before starting using Dropil dex, you might have some thoughts in your mind:

What do we need to start using dex?

How can I start using dex from my local currency?

I don't know about cryptocurrency. How can I start?

I don't know my country allow Cryptocurrency? Would you please help upto using dex successfully?

These are the basic questions that you may think. I will try my best to help you out from your local currency to using dex and cashout your profits back to your local bank account. If you have any other doubt then you may feel free to contact us through the comment box of this post. Let's get started with outstanding product provided by Dropil.

Before start, to make sure that:

  • You have to verify your KYC to start with dex which is very easy if you have your original documents such as your passport, driving license, utility bill, aadhar card, national id card or pan card. If you don't want to verify your KYC, you can't use Dropil dex.
  • To verify your KYC, you must use a third party website TrueWho recommended by dropil.
  • To use Dropil dex, you need to have Dropil (DROP) tokens that you can easily purchase from the exchanges. DROP token is basically an ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain so you can store DROP token to the wallets that support ERC20 tokens such as myetherwallet, metamask and etc. DROP tokens can be use in entire Dropil ecosystem or services and if you want your money back you can sell it to the exchanges.
  • To start with Dropil dex, you need to have minimum of $50 worth of dropil tokens. If you want to just take a try, I recommend you to start with $60 from your local currency because of the Crypto price fluctuation so that you can easily get $50+ worth tokens at the time of using dex. 
If you're agree with all the above points then you may proceed the step by step guide to use Dropil dex.
  1. To purchase DROP tokens you need to have bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). There're many ways to buy it but I will consider here a method that apply to all the users from any part of the World. However, if you are already familiar to buy it you can buy from your end. In this post, I will go with to buy BTC first.
  2. We will purchase BTC from localbitcoins that supports local payment in 248 countries. I have already written a step by step guide to buy BTC from localbitcoins. Go to this post and buy your bitcoin from your local bank account.
  3. Once you have purchased BTC, you need to purchase Dropil tokens from your purchased BTC from the exchanges dropil is listed. Here is a list of exchanges in which you can purchase your Dropil tokens. The current exchanges are Bitmart, Idax, Tidex and Idex. Bitmart and Idax has KYC mandatory while you can purchase your dropil tokens from tidex or idex without KYC. In this example I will go with Bitmart exchange.
  4. Create a free account in Bitmart exchange. Don't forget to verify your email and enable 2fa Google authentication as per their documentation. Now, submit your document for KYC and wait for the approval. Bookmark this page!
  5. Once your KYC has verified in Bitmart, go to "Assets" underneath your email id tab as shown in the following screenshot.

    Search BTC, click on 'Deposit' to view your BTC address. Copy your BTC address as shown in the following screenshot.
  6. Now go to your localbitcoins exchange and click on 'Wallets' under your profile tab. You will see 'Send bitcoins' tab by default. Paste your copied BTC address in 'Receiving bitcoin address' fill the amount you want to send to your bitmart BTC address and finally click on 'Continue'.

    Put your 2fa Google authentication code from your phone and proceed as per their documentation. Once you have finished it may take upto 30 minutes or 3 block confirmations to get your BTC in your bitmart wallet.
  7. Once you have received your BTC in your bitmart BTC address, you are ready to purchase your DROP coins.  
  8. In bitmart exchange, Click on 'Exchange' tab and search with 'drop' under 'BTC' pair as shown in the following screenshot.

  9. Once you are in 'DROP/BTC' pair page. Here is a complete look in the following screenshot (click for larger view) and basic things you should know.

    In the right sidebar, you can see the buyers price as in green and sellers price as in red. You can buy your DROP tokens at the market price at .0000000307 as the seller exist for 1.45 million tokens or you can place your limit order to buy your drop tokens in cheaper price atsshown in the screenshot at .0000000302 or any price you want to buy.
  10. Once you set the price per token and the amount of drop tokens (you may click 100% to purchase drop tokens for your entire balance) and finally click on 'BUY DROP'.
  11. Congrats! you own your DROP tokens in your bitmart exchange. If you want to sell your drop tokens in the future you should click on 'SELL' tab.
  12. Now, you have dropil tokens in your bitmart wallet that is ready to use for Dropil dex but before going to dropil we are going to verify our KYC through the third party website. Follow easy steps.
  13. Go to TrueWho website and create a free account. Verify your email and enable 2fa Google authenticator as per their documentation. Once you have created your account successfully go to the verification page (look at top right corner). You will see three layers for the verification Bronze, Silver and Gold. 
  14. Fill your basic details in the bronze level and verify each level as per their documentation. Wait for few hours to few days and check back your status of verification. Once you have verified, Congrats you are now ready to start with dex. Click on 'TRU ID' at the top upper tab to view your Tru ID as it will need you to verify your KYC in Dropil dex. Keep your Tru ID in the safe place it will be look like 'TRU-xxxxxxxxx'.

    Once you have placed your Tru ID into the safe place, click on '+' linked parters and choose Dropil and click on 'Create' button. It will cost you 1WHO token to link to your Dropil account. Don't worry you already have few free WHO tokens into your account as you have verified your account and got few free WHO tokens. Now, you will see the API key for Dropil. Keep it also into the safe place as your Tru ID and API key is needed in the Dropil dex to verify your KYC.
  15. Now, go to Dropil site and make a free account. If you use this link to signup in Dropil, you will get $5 worth more dropil tokens once you finish your first 15-days cycle that you can include it to the next cycle. Make sure to verify your email and enable your 2fa Google authentication code as per their documentation.
  16. Once you have successfully created your account in Dropil, go to Dropil home KYC tab and enter your 'Tru ID' and 'API Key' that you have already kept in the safe place and now finally click on 'Connect' button. You should receive an alert message that your connection was successful.
  17. Now, you need to deposit your dropil tokens into your dropil internal wallet. To do it, click on 'Get Drops' and copy your dropil internal wallet as shown in the following screenshot.

  18. Now go to your bitmart wallet where you have already purchased your dropil tokens. Click on 'Assets' underneath your email id tab and search 'Drop' and click 'Withdraw'.

    Since you withdraw first time so click on the drop-down menu under 'Withdrawal address' and click 'Add withdrawal address' paste your dropil internal wallet address and write anything like 'My dropil address' in remarks field, and add. Now, select your dropil internal wallet address, type your dropil tokens quantity as shown in the screenshot above. Finally click 'Withdraw'. Type your 2fa Google authentication code and follow the on screen process. It will take few minutes to complete. Once its done, you will get the transaction hash.
  19. Now, go to your dropil account and check you have received your drop tokens which is ready to use in dropil automated dex.
  20. Now go to Dropil home dex page and click on '+ADD TO DEX' button on the right side. Select the options as per the documentation mention in the following screenshot. Click on the image to view large.

    Select amount of drops that you want to start with dex.

    Select the mode in 'Pool Distributation'. Above example are based on the 100% 'Aggressive' mode. You may change it as per your risk level.

    Select whether you want to withdraw your profits from the dex in each 15-days cycle or No. If you choose No, then you may have an option that what percent of your profits should be withdraw and the rest of the profits would be added to the dex for the next 15-days cycle.

    You will also have an option to choose whether you want your profits to your dropil internal wallet or any ERC20 support external wallet address.
  21. Once you have finished all the setting. Finally click on 'ADD TO DEX'. Congrats! Your smart bot has ready to give you decent profit per 15 days cycle. The more drop tokens your dex has, the more profit you will generate.
If you want your earning back to your local bank account. Just reverse the order as withdraw your dropil tokens to your bitmart dropil deposit address and then sell it for BTC then transfer BTC to localbitcoins and then to your local bank.

If you want to know how dropil deposits calculation work for the dex, you may read more information about dex here. That's all for the dex. Now, go to the next service provided by Dropil team.

2. JADE: Personalized your Automated Crypto Trading!

Meet a new member of Dropil system. Jade, a personalized automated trading bot for new and advanced users. Jade will help you to trade your crypto in your exchange account through the API with your desired setting. Just you need to set your bot as per your choice and let Jade do what you have set it for.

Currently Jade has supported the two most popular exchanges binance and houbi global. Most of the dropil users are already taken benefits by Jade automation through their binance exchange. You just need to provide 'API Key' and 'API Secret Key' from your exchange account to your Jade bot to connect the bot to your exchange. If you want to know how to create your API keys into your exchange, you can follow the official documentation of Jade bot setup provided by dropil team.

If you are using your Jade bot with binance, I would recommend you to use BNB tokens as fees deduction in the exchange as it will reduce the fees each time you open or close the trade.

If you want to start with Jade for free, you don't need to have dropil tokens in your dropil account. You just need to have fund in your exchange account. If you are using Jade for free, you can trade upto $500 and you will have only a bot running at a time.

As a dropil token holder incentive, for each $500 worth of drops you have in dropil ecosystem you can trade upto $1000. If you have $1500 worth of drop tokens then you can trade upto $3000 on a single bot. If you have minimum of $2500 worth of drop tokens in dropil ecosystem then you can active 3 bots simultaneously. Currently jade has four types of bots that belong to BTC, USDT, ETH and BNB.

If you don't want to have dropil tokens in your dropil account and you want to use Jade for more than $500 tradable amount you can purchase Jade subscriptions. There exist three types of subscriptions Single (single active bot, unlimited tradable fund), Multi (five active bot, unlimited tradable fund) and Ultimate (unlimited active bot, unlimited tradable fund) with the price $29, $49 and $99 per month. Here is the full detail of Jade subscription details and how can you pay for it.

Here is how to use your Jade bot: Signup in dropil by clicking here and setup your Jade bot and link it to your exchange using easy guide here. Here is an official video to setup your Jade bot:

Now, we are going to move to the third service provided by Dropil team.

3. Arthur: Arbitrage Signals & Market Analysis Suit

Arthur will help you to take advantage of different prices of the same coin on different exchanges that you can easily find out in which exchange the coin is traded in low price in compared with the other exchange so that you can take the benefit. You can view the prices of the same coin on different exchange in a place, your dropil's Arthur page. Currently there are 18 exchanges and 11 coins are monitored by Arthur.

You can not only view the opportunities monitored by Arthur while you can get notifications in your email or Telegram if you have allowed Arthur for your selected preferences. You can easily set your preferences to monitored the exchanges and coins in the setting panel. However, basic plan for Arthur is free. Basic plan has limited Arthur features. You can view all the subscription plans here.

In addition to the arbitrage signals, Arthur will also help you to find a better way to Cash in/ Cash out. For more information about arbitrage, signals and cash in/out, read step by step official guide here.

You may also check out the official video to setup and use Arthur arbitrage bot.

Now, we are going forward to the fourth service provided by Dropil team.

4. Max Smart Wallet: A Universal CryptoCurrency Smart Wallet

An all in one wallet in CryptoCurrency World, Max. You can store any coin into this wallet as it is supporting majority of coins listed on coinmarketcap. Using max, you can store your coins, track your portfolio from different sources, Auto-sync, monitor different coin address and much more. You can even store your coin in different wallets and track that wallet using your max wallet. Is that not fun? You can even add transaction manually to track the transactions. If you have an address of your friend or your favorite charity donation address you can track it using your max wallet in separate way. You can even get notification of any transaction held in a wallet through your telegram account or email.

In addition to storing your coins and tracking wallets you can also setup recurring payments with your wallet to send coins at specified time interval to the address of your choice. Once your specified conditions are met, automated payments will be stop.

To start with max signup into dropil account and go to max wallet page. If you are using max wallet for the first time you will see the recovery phrases that you can store in a safe location as the private key is not hold by the dropil team so if you change or reset your password you will need this recovery phrases to restore your max wallet. Once you have saved your recovery phrases, click on 'Email Recovery Code' and paste your recovery phrases to inter into your max wallet.

Once you are in your max wallet you can now add your assets as BTC, LTC, ETH or any ERC20 compatible coins that supports max. If you can't see the coin that means max is not currently supported that particular coin. You can create a new wallet, import any existing wallet or just you can add any wallet address without private key to track the transactions.

For more information to send payments or backup your private key to access your wallet in other client wallet such as myetherwallet read this official guide.

Here is an official video for instant bitcoin transfer using Max:

Now, let go towards the fifth service provided by Dropil, launched recently.

5. Seer: Create/Participate in Prediction to Earn Money

Seer will allow you to create your own custom predictions or let you participate in someone else prediction to earn real money. If you want to just take a try you can participate in prediction using free point system in free play. To participate in live play you need to have dropil tokens and once you win you will get your tokens back with additional winning drop tokens that you can cashout without any hassle. The early participant may also get their wager more weight by 4x, 3x or 2x that means you would get the same return by investing 1000 drop tokens than other participant who join after you with 4000 drop tokens by measuring 4x weight. To view more information about the multiplier read it.

To start with Seer, you need to have an account in dropil and dropil tokens to participate in the live play predictions. To know how can you place your wager you may read the official documents here.

That's all for the Dropil services. Dropil is also set to be launch its own exchange in the near future. To view the roadmap please follows this link.

In addition to the services provided by the dropil developers they are also providing their inbuilt tools by which you can earn dropil tokens for free, purchase dropil tokens by your ETH, BTC or USDC directly in your dropil account, Gift your loved one the digital currency and in depth inside look of dropil tokens. Let us discuss a little bit more:
  1. Dropil Direct: If you want to buy your favorite tokens you have to go to the exchange first where the token has listed but now for dropil you don't need to go anywhere. If you have bitcoin, ethereum or USDC on any wallet, you can directly purchase dropil tokens by using any external wallet and your purchased dropil tokens would reflect into your dropil account.

    To purchase Dropil tokens via Dropil Direct (DD), click on Get Drops -> Switch the tab to Dropil Direct if it is not open by default. Choose your payment method, type your desire dropil tokens, agree the terms and click on 'Next'.

    In the next screen, you will see the wallet address provided by dropil. You will need to send the exact amount of payment from your wallet within 3 hours. If all is fine then you will see your dropil tokens in your dropil account. Is that not easy!
  2. Paper Wallet: Do you happy when someone give you invitation for a party or give you any gift? Yes, ofcourse! Let you be a part of someone happiness through Paper Wallet. Create any digital wallet, put the value as a gift for your friend or bf/gf and through Paper wallet generate a beautiful paper invitation along with the digital wallet address along with the private key and send them. Is that not a beautiful way to let your loving one enter into the digital world? :)
    The paper wallet service is free of cost for anyone. Just you have to create a free account in dropil.
  3. Insights: A tool of the transparency developed by the dropil developer. Here you can view all the statistics of Dropil dex such as how much drop tokens are in the dex, how much drops added to the different mode and their average returns and etc.
  4. Earn Dropil: If you want to earn dropil tokens for free, you can share your experience with your social media, blog posts, YouTube videos and etc. You will get free dropil tokens for your contribution. You may earn 10K-500K dropil tokens for free for your YouTube video and 10K to 250K dropil tokens for your blog post.
Conclusion: There are many ICOs in the CryptoCurrency World and almost majority of ICOs have no working product but Dropil is different. Dropil has working product such as Dex, Jade, Arthur, Max and Seer. These are the products provided by Dropil developers which are working smoothly without any issues. As we have checked the roadmap provided by Dropil team almost all the products launched prior to specific duration mention in their roadmap. It seems the dropil developers are very hard working and passionate about their goal that is necessary for the success. I am positive about dropil developers and their entire team who are regularly helping their users in case of any bug. My experience about the dropil services is positive and I believe that using dropil services users can earn significant amount of money as per their investment. What is your feedback please share it with us.

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